Saturday, October 3, 2015

TNT:SO. CAL. Bank story, 3 OCT

    • Dragonfly14 said
      11:27 PM Oct 2, 2015
    The people that I have shared and coached with our blessing, I call my Birds.
    One in particular is a business man in a small community, A beautiful person, both him and his wife.
    I see them once a week and today he shared with me that he had just talked to his business wealth manager.
    Had asked with him about the RV and his currencies ....... half expecting to be shut down .... but ..........

    The wealth manager spoke frankly and told him they were aware and trained in his office, but were not allowed to talk about it.
    He personally, the WM had to sign several documents and was very unhappy about not being able to participate.
    Would be pleased to notify and work with him when its time to exchange and that he had a list 20 other at this time.
    And yes ..... naturally I asked for an introduction................
    Be of Joy, Our time is near.

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