Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TNT:RE: ( new update 4/20/15) GREAT news from a fellow dinarian today!!! ( 4/14/15), 13 OCT

    • truckerbabe67 said
      12:19 AM Apr 15, 2015
    I got some REALLY GREAT news from a fellow dinarian today!  ( roadrunner237  ~  former numbnuts7 )

    He txt/called me today VERY excited!!! ( he gave me permission to share what he told me)      Saying that he called his WF  today ( he's been doing biz with them for along time)  and requested to set up an apt. with a wealth adviser to help set up his portfolio of his foreign currencies, etc.   &  explained when asked what currencies he told her he had the dinar, dong, rupiah and zim and that he wants to exchange them for U.S dollars.   
    He said she then paused for a min.  and came back and said ok,  ( didn't say no or call it a scam or ANYTHING!)    and made him an Appt.  for April 20th at 1:00pm to do his exchange!!!
    SOOOOO   my friend/fellow dinarian was really  SUPRISED and EXCITED as you could IMAGINE!!!  

    Anyways  I just had to share this GREAT NEWS!    
    I honestly believe we are EXTREMELY close  and he said I'm sure they will call him in earlier if it RV's before then!  
    Ok  here is the latest update on roadrunner237   bank appt.  today,    I heard from him today and yes they did offer to exchange his currencies BUT....... at the pre RV rate,  not RV'd rates,  unfortunately,   so needless to say he was little bummed out,  so there ya go.     
    But hang in there people,   I'm sure all our currencies will change in value very soon still,   so i know roadrunner237's bank will be exchanging at the RV'd rate in the very near future!    ( and at least they did not call it a scam!  so thats a postive thing!)   
    Also please keep roadrunner237  in your prayers as he just found out his step dad passed away. 


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