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Friday, October 23, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:  Nov 3rd date off the screen as of this am.
Tony:  Nighthawk passed away last night.  I"m sure he will be missed by everybody.  Pam started a thread (on Forum).  He was 42 years old.
Dinar:  Tony: So much happening today . . . this morning.  Tell you what's happening and strategy we've been part of last 60-90 days.  Tell you what to expect when this happens and scenario you can use for your benefit.  I was told notifications went out.  Waiting on confirmation.
STRATEGY:  Tony:  Come out at high rate, drop down, show on Forex and go back up.  If you do not know how to access, do FOREX I would jump on the initial high rate.  May stay for a short period of time and then drop down to $3.41.  It should settle .50 above Kuwait.  Once it falls back down, and you don't jump on it, then you'll have to wait for it to climb back up.
Tony: My understanding this first rate is going to be a flat rate- going to be a few days, (go live for everybody?)  then let it fall down to International rate and then let it climb to wherever the market is for the day. 
Suggest ya'll read the verbatim notes to get a good understanding of the above 
CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Green light given as of 3:00 pm yesterday.   Again at 2:00 am this morning.  People at banks early this morning because they thought it would happen.  (when it misses a time frame they go to the next time frame). Tony: They don't know when. Today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday. It's wide open. . . . Nov 3rd date off the screen as of this am.
IRAQ:  Tony:  They are expecting something to change over the weekend.  Told to look for something.  A physical something.  Parties being planned.  That was not announced in the mosque.  (Info) comes from some inside people - Parliament, officials.  
  • CBI:  money pulled off the streets.  Tony:  How do they survive another 90 days when there is no currency?  How do they do exchanges?  That's going on, there is a reason for that.  They are monitoring 10K and 25K notes.
  • Banks 
  • TV  /Mosques 
  • ISIL
  • IMF:   Tony:  In meeting yesterday, Christine Legard was hightly pissed off that no one could get this right and it hasn't happened.   They are getting banks, governments all around the world excited. . . frustrated. . . . Maybe that was the strategy (all along).   So no one would know when it's actually happening.   
  • China:  new Swift system went live.  Supposed to have been new reserve currency on Oct. 20th.  There was an issue, in the banking system, that reportedly has been resolved.
  • Rates are better than good.  Still contract rate on dong.  ZIM in first basket.   
  • Contract rates still available.   
  • Platform Investing:  Tony:  Platforms are a great to be a part of. Return great. Also very dangerous.   Fake companies out there.  Banks are good.  Responsible if goes wrong. Takes 100 million dollars to get in on those types of platforms.  
  • Caps/Limits:  DONG:  This has not been talked about in months so it's unknown at this time the status or if there are any.                 ZIM:  Cap applies and is accumulative no matter how many entities you exchange thru.  If you use a trust, foundation, personal, etc. as soon as they all add up to $50 million, your done.
  • Packages:          

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