Friday, October 30, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.   Updated as the call progresses.  
               REMEMBER to Turn Your Clocks Back This Weekend.  Don't want to be late to the bank on Monday.
Tony:  Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!  One more day left until we have to . . . roll our clocks back.  
Another famous Guru told Tony this morning he thought this would really be Tony's last call and that he did a really bad job of explaining caps and how to get contract rates, so Tony will go over that again today.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Agreement in place to do this in a 72 - 96 hour or less window. . . thru Monday.
Tony: . . . Because of memo's put out, rates out and . . .bank and wealth managers involved.  Everyone on high alert and standby to see something happen.  Globally all saying the same thing from the top to the bottom which usually doesn't happen.
IRAQ:    Only Iraq's debts were forgiven to increase the valuation of the dinar.  The GCR will not give debt forgiveness to other countries.
  • IMF, Director Cristine Legard was heard as saying last night in Australia that GCR would go into effect after market close today. Tony heard this from two different people.
  • Zimbabwe:  The US is threatening sanctions against Zimbabwe for entering into a contract with Russia.  Tony hopes we will have exchanged already before this can have an effect.
  • China:  Tony: I think everyone is pushing this (to go through).
  • PLATFORM INVESTING is money/opportunities traded on a global scale.  Only 5 platforms taking new clients and that ends tomorrow.  Minimum 100 million and by invite only.
  • Rates:  No rates mentioned today.   
  • Bank training this month involved products with higher than normal interest rates and special opportunities for high net worth clients.  Tony:  They did this just for you guys. . . Trained on who to offer it too. Told new VIP or elite customers about to join us. . . new programs being designed and implemented strictly for you guys.  
  • Bank calls you:  If this is someone you don't already know or have talked with you need to get their information and call your bank for verification.
  • CAPS:   The cap is on the currency, not the amount you exchange for.  On Dinar and Dong it applies only to the contract rate for each. Caps is 20 million for Dinar and 50 million for dong.  Expect structured payments with 20, 50, 100 year contracts.   
  • ZIM: cap at 500 Million or a BillionUSD. ZIM payout will be structured over 6 months, two or five years.  Tony: Take all your notes (regardless of 50 Trillion or 100 Trillion) to the exchange. My understanding there were exchanging in 100 Trillion increments. Two 50 Trillion equal 100 Trillion.  (Tony talked about CAPS at the first of the call so suggest everyone listen for themselves or read the verbatim transcript under the heading of conference calls on the home page of TNT Forum.) 
luckycharm posted below:Tony has said multiple times, he would never take a structured settlement on the ZIM, he would rather give the extra away to friends, family, neighbors, strangers etc. Who knows how long the banks will honor that payment structure, or how long they will be around.
  • Selling Your Payout: Tony gave example of receiving 20 million a year for Billion dollar payout.  There are people/firms who will discount your payout but give you all the money now.  So instead of receiving a billion over say 20 - 50 years  you would receive 600 million now.  Remember you will pay taxes on that 600 million in the tax year you take the money.
  • Bank fees set at 1%-2%, negotiable.      
  • Contract Rate:  You get the contract rate by asking for it.   Tony:  I don't see those with 100,000-300,000 getting the contract rate.
  • ASK to Exchange IQD or IQN:  Tony said the best way to do this is ask for the rates on both and then pick out the best rate and say that is the one I want to exchange.         
EXCHANGING:  When they show you on the screen the bank rate, get that screen shot printed out.  By the time they check with supervisors, get approvals the rate may be gone and because tellers are questioning the rates.  


PAM:  Tony and DC for over two years have given you every scenario/possability we have heard about. Take your time, think about it. You'll know what to do.
RAY:  Enjoy this fantabulous Friday.  Finally going to see it Friday.  Time will tell.  You might as well be ready.  Enjoy your weekend.
TONY:  No bad info.  Don’t care what anyone else says.  Everyone around the world we talked to said, better be ready.  It is going.  I‘m hoping and praying.  Target time is within next 72 -96 hours.  Between here and Monday.  Hoping it actually happens this time.
We geared up for it.  Banks geared up for it.  People on standby.  People went in this morning because they thought it would happen already.  I anticipate making a call to you before Monday.  Celebration.  Something. 
Not paying attention to what they are saying so much but what they are doing.  Level of exposure they have opened for themselves this week.  Tomorrow is the last day of the month.  Let’s see what happens.  Enjoy your day.  Going to enjoy mine.  Hopefully it is the Super, Super Fantastic weekend we have been looking for.

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