Friday, October 16, 2015

TNT :Tony CC Cliff Notes, Friday, Oct 16, 2015, 16 OCT

Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:  Nothing has changed from Wednesday. Somewhere along the way this weekend hopefully our whole lives will change, get permanent notification of day and time this is going to happen. Right now it is positive, positive, positive. 

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Could happen any moment, any time.  Banks being told by the 20th . . .by the 20th they expect a crowd of people.  Don't be surprised if it's before then.  Absolutely, don't be surprised.  They are being told no later than the 20th.
IRAQ:   Tony:  In Iraq they are promoting, "PROMOTING," the use of lower denoms and be over with
  • TV              Mosques 
  • Rates:  saying (on screens?)  rate will be available between 20th -25th. Tony:  Banks have had that date for the last two weeks.  Rates higher than in the past.        

UNITED STATES:     Some individuals . . . paid astronomical sums of money.  Tony:  Widespread across the US but nothing to do with groups.  No groups are getting paid.  No SKR's given out.   
  • Purchase Chinese currency?  Check with currency dealers and banks.  Tony said it was a banker who suggested to him to buy Chinese currency but Tony indicated he was not interested.
  • Banks:   Tony:  HSBC is global and involved in the process.  They have already released the rate in New York, New Jersey.  Already exchanged Afghani . . .
  • Taxes:  be prepared to hold back 50% so you won't be surprised at tax time. 
  • Moving money.  Cashiers check can be for any amount.  No limit on them.  Advised to keep wire transfers under $500,000 and they will be slower as they will be tracked.
EXCHANGING:  Three different plans for the US Exchange Roll out.  Tony has not received word of any plan has been decided on yet.


PAM:  WARNING:  The mods were talking about Skype room and said diversity is your best insurance. Make sure you diversify.  Tony and DC explained to you there will be a lot of sites open that will stay open when over and will want to guide you.  Tell you how to spend your money. Some you can trust and some of the people they have on there they maybe trust or not be. Warn you to be careful. Lot of scalleywags out there and waiting for you to be gazillionaires and worked too hard to lose it that quickly. Be careful!!!  There will be sites still open after the RV/Exchange.  They are just waiting for you guys to be gazillionaires. . . to pounce on you.  Be careful.  Don't trust anyone you meet on the internet.  Take your time.  Be careful.
RAY:  (was teaching a seminar today)

TONY:  There will be a whole lot of confusion (following RV).  (Paymasters giving excuses why not paying or paying slowly) You'll see a lot of things.  Bulls__t!!!  Be aware.  Be smart.  Whole lot of people out there to take this money away from you. . . They know you are looking to pay it forward. . . Guys out there creating foundations (to take it away from you)
. . . dates to be ready.  People got memos telling them and tell you this. One memo not supposed to tell you about but the other one 20-25th and there on screen.   But for those of you super smart and been in this with us typically when we tell you something or iraq puts out something especially with a date attached you know what usually happens.  Think about it.  Talk about it.  Discuss it in the Forum.  Go back through history.   (I missed this last part. The darn door bell rang.  I’ll catch it up when the verbatim notes come out – Sunny)

Adepts Notes: Tony:  I hope this is the last call, although if we have to be here on Monday, we will be.  After this announcement is made, a lot of people will get excuses about how they didn’t get there money:  the paymaster is sick, they can only move a million at a time, whatever.  A lot of people will make money out of selling your contact information to those who want your money, for investment or otherwise.  Whether you take action as individuals or as a group, have a plan!  You will see all kind of attempts to get your money, and you need to know when it’s BS or people trying to make money off you.  We have tried to give you information and insight to look past what sounds good and see who is scamming you.  Be aware, be smart;  there are people out there who will try to take this blessing away from you. They had the same opportunity as you did, but they would rather sit back and wait until you get your money and take it off you.  They know you want to pay it forward, and there are people setting up foundations to take your money, and some will be the same crooks who have got you involved in other deals, and now they are setting up foundations to change the world!

Pam and I are setting up Keisha’s Kids, and all the money will go to the projects.  When a foundation approaches you, see how much goes to the programs instead of admin or to buy houses and planes for the directors. 
The good news is that right on the bank screen there is a memo saying that these rates are kicking in 20-25. October. But you know what usually happens when they put a date to something, especially with Iraq.  Go back through the history.  With that, enjoy your weekend – it’s going to be super-fantastic.  I’ll talk to you later… goodbye.

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