Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TNT :A new scenario for this FINAL WEEK, 27 OCT

    • martha said
      03:31 AM Oct 27, 2015
    I received some Intel very late last night of a group that has been paralleling us that they are being paid on Friday 10/30. We know that ALL must be completed in the 10th month Gregorian.This week is being set up exactly like it has in the past.I'm not going to say that today is not our day but , in the past this final week is a repeat.Iraq should be paid by the 28th.The 29th is when new money is moved in Iraq and the 30th is Friday,the end of business week and month. Throw in the UN operational rate due 10/29 for 11/1 and then add all the drama in our Congress with Rep Bohner departing on 10/30.They will announce,today Ron Paul for his replacement but they are trying to pass a budget before he is elected in on 10/28. Now add in Iraq to sell bonds again starting 11/1.
    This is the classic Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday scenario Realize that at any point this can still happen at any moment.No one has to wait BUT come November 1,the whole world definitely will know!! 
    Today is a full moon,a completion of a lunar cycle and perhaps our path to the bank,and the activation of money to the people of Iraq. 

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