Thursday, October 29, 2015

TNT :Martha, emailed to Recaps...Iko and Elmer deserves credit!, 29 OCT

    • Tndr said
      03:54 PM Sep 26, 2015
    Elmer wrote: 
    Thank you everyone for wanting me to get credit. Yes I posted the initial talk of the 120 hour window with the Chinese, but in truth I could care less about credit. Credit is nice, but what really matters to me as I'm sure others, is the finality of this process. I have trust in my sources as do others in theirs. All that matters really is that we can all smile, raise a glass with each other and state mission accomplished regardless of who gets credit for what. The only credit that matters is that we all hung in! 
    It is learned this morning, because the ever so kind Rayren opened OM this morning by sharing the # in chat this morning, that IKO and Elmer deserves credit for this info Martha posted on recaps....thanks bunches Elmer & Iko....also, I understand rrrr shared it multiple times in chat when Iko first shared it yesterday. Thanks all and let's give credit where credit is due. ...even to our humble elmer and Iko. 

    Emailed to Recaps:

     I was just informed from outside sources that Wednesday 9/30 is our day which would be the 120 hr time frame.

    Treat as rumor but it sure sounds good to me.

    I Will have a banking story on 9/28 after meeting at local Wells Fargo.

    I think I put the WM person into shock and he doesn't want to lose business to his competition across the street (regions bank).

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