Friday, October 23, 2015


hcwillard wrote Hey all, I've been busy with family things with my brothers passing. I want to say how much we appreciate the love and prayers being offered to our family right now. I know he was well loved here and I didn't want everyone here not to know what happened

hcwillard wrote Having Tony mention my brother was really nice too. Someone let him know how much that meant to us
hcwillard wrote I only talk to like four people and he was one of them. I feel like he's going to call me any second

hcwillard wrote he was the oldest in the family and I'm the youngest, 
with a 7 year difference, so we didn't really have a relationship growing up but later we were pretty tight
hcwillard wrote he had a quirky personality and I'll miss that

hcwillard wrote the thing that is so sad is I remember a few years ago being on the chat announcing my wife was cancer free and now I have to announce the death of my brother
hcwillard wrote He had a cold and didn't want to go to his son's football game so he stayed home to take a nap. He had asthma that was kicking up because it's hay cutting season right now and sometime between the game and when they checked on him a few hours later he was gone. the coroner has him now and will determine the true cause of death, but I think he might have choked while sleeping...but we don't exactly know right now...      
hcwillard wrote he also slept with an oxygen sleep mask and he didn't have it on, but again, we don't really know yet

hcwillard wrote he was only 42 and that was the most unexpected thing, but like I said last night, you never know when you are called home, so always be kind. that's the most shocking part is his age
hcwillard wrote I just got asked to speak at his funeral next Friday. I'm going to do it, even though I kind of don't want to
hcwillard wrote knowing my brother if I don't take the opportunity to say something irreverent at a funeral he'd be really mad at me.     
hcwillard wrote if you see Knight Hawk logged in it will be family checking in.. not a ghost     
hcwillard wrote I'm trying to say thank you to everyone that I can, if I miss you, it's not intentional     

hcwillard wrote I'm actually here a lot of the time, I'm just a lurker, he was the talker     
hcwillard wrote I'm going to put his recipes in a book in his honor, I'll make an online copy for anyone who wants it.
hcwillard wrote he was rough around the edges, but he showed his caring heart by taking in friends of his kids who had nowhere to go and being a surrogate father to her and being a surrogate grandfather to the kids of another one of his daughters friends.. he really had a soft spot for a lot of people
hcwillard wrote we are lucky to have two close contacts in the RV process, so we get some inside info at times.. he was good at letting everyone know

hcwillard wrote I'm going to let everyone in the family know about the thread, I went through it during lunch today and it was bringing tears to my eyes
hcwillard wrote it's way sad and right now the best thing I can do is help his daughter and son through the rest of high school and show up for all the things he should have been there for.. my nephew starts to wrestle in december so I have a few matches in my future

hcwillard wrote I like that post that says that he'll have a front row seat to watch the RV roll in.
hcwillard wrote I need to get some more things done, but thank you all for the kind words. I'll be on again soon.
hcwillard wrote okrocks: of course you can share the posts

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