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TNT :INFO on Dong value from 1955-1975, 18 OCT

    • phantom1 said
      02:04 PM Oct 18, 2015
    Here is some info I found on the Dong, there's been a  lot of talk about how much Dong was worth so I looked it up,
    hope this helps I don't clam that this is correct or true or that anyone has not altered the info but I did get two different sources 
    please feel free to comment on this we are all learning thanks....

    See South Vietnam banknotes in our collection... 
                 In circulation
    31 Dec
    (in millions
    of Dong)
    Issued during
    the year
    (in millions
    of Dong)
     This information is taken from "Banknotes of South Vietnam" by Clyde M. Reedy,
    I.B.N.S. Journal V.22 No.2(*) On September 22 1975 old South Vietnam notes of 100 Dong and higher denominations were exchanged for the notes of transitional series at the rate of 500 old Dong for 1 new. The coins and banknotes in lower denominations remained valid, but at the value fixed by the new rate. With the exchange completed, the official rate of the new currency was set at 1.51 Dong per US$, but its real value, as reflected in black market trades, was closer to 6.5 to the Dollar.

    Here is the other one

    Piastre-dollar Exchanbge rates
    From: Peter Hansen <phansen@ourladys.org.au>
    Date: Oct 7, 2006 5:16 PM
    Subject: [Vsg] Piastre-dollar Exchanbge rates
    Dear List,

    I have a nasty feeling that this question has been asked before and I didn’t pay enough
    attention at the time (in which case apologies), but where might I find information as to
    the exchange rate for the currency of the Republic of Vietnam to the US dollar for the
    period 1954-63?


    Peter Hansen
    From: vgn@pacific.net.sg <vgn@pacific.net.sg>
    Date: Oct 9, 2006 2:36 AM
    Subject: Re: [Vsg] Piastre-dollar Exchanbge rates
    You may want to contact the State Bank of Vietnam www.sbv.gov.vn at nhnn@sbv.gov.vn for
    further enquiries.
    From: Dan Tsang <dtsang@lib.uci.edu>
    Date: Oct 7, 2006 6:53 PM
    Subject: Re: [Vsg] Piastre-dollar Exchange rates
    Peter: At the UCI Libraries we have access to Global Financial Data
    (http://www.globalfinancialdata.com) which
    gives the following tables for VN (see below). Perhaps your Univ.
    has access.
    Viet Nam Dong Black Market
    Date range: 1961-1998
    Located in: VIET NAM->Exchange Rates
    Indochina Piastre Black Market Rate
    Date range: 1947-1948
    Located in: VIET NAM->Exchange Rates
    Viet Nam Dong
    Date range: 1884-2006
    Located in: VIET NAM->Exchange Rates
    South Viet Nam Piastre
    Date range: 1930-1978
    Located in: VIET NAM->Exchange Rates
    South Viet Nam Piastre Black Market Exchange Rate
    Date range: 1955-1975
    Located in: VIET NAM->Exchange Rates
    A note indicates:
    In South Viet Nam, the official exchange rate was set at 1 Piastre = 10
    French Francs, or 1 U.S. Dollar = 35 Piastres on December 29, 1954, though
    the free rate was about 73.5 Piastres to the Dollar. A U.S. Scrip Rate of
    1 U.S. Dollar = 118 VNP was introduced on August 31, 1965, devaluting to
    275 On October 3, 1970. Frequent devaluations followed until the black
    market rate hit 5000 VNP to the dollar during the fall of Saigon in 1975.
    On September 22, 1975, old South Viet Nam Piastres were exchanged for 1
    new South Viet Nam Dong, and 1 North Viet Nam Dong = 0.8 South Viet Nam
    Dong. The new South Dong had an official rate of 1.51 South Dong = 1 U.S.
    Dollar, falling to 1.85 SD per U.S. Dollar on January 16, 1976. In
    September 1976 the exchange rate was established at 2.130857 SD = 1 SDR.
    On May 3, 1978, the North and South Viet Nam Dong were replaced by the
    Viet Nam Dong which was set at 2.66358 Dong = 1 SDR, falling to 3.06459
    Dong on November 5, 1980 and 10.37883 Dong on July 6, 1981. Multiple
    exchange rates prevailed. The Dong was reformed on September 14, 1985 with
    10 Old Dong = 1 New Dong with a basic rate of 15 Dong = U.S. Dollar,
    though with multiple rates existing for various purposes. The Dong began
    to float in 1991.
    Another note indicates:
    Black market rates are monthly averages for wire transfers from New York
    to each country. Black market rates are taken from Franz Pick, Pick's
    Currency Yearbook, New York: Pick's World Currency Report (1951-1995).
    Data from 1995 are based upon the operational rates of exchange used by
    the United Nations for personnel in those countries.


    • phantom1 said
      02:42 PM Oct 18, 2015
    Plan B for me as far as the VNN, I will take .47 cent all day long hold some back and wait it out for the rate to go up.
    More then we thought it would be to start with back then I was hoping on .05 cent... and I was happy to get that lol more is great yes but .047 will work for me right now come on RV and I am sure I'm not the only one please lets hear your side of it ...come up with a good plan that works for your needs.

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