Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TNT :I got email from friend!, 14 OCT

    • Oksana K said
      08:08 PM Oct 14, 2015
    FYI, according to this email RGV and dinars are being converted this Friday.
    Thoughts, Comments + other views or facts welcome
    Per usual, date and time changes are always possible, but highly unlikely atthis late stage of coordinated global implementation.
    Saturday - October 10, 2015
    Lead Chinese Royal Family Elder (Grandfather) sets RV liquidity release intomotion using ancient codes with benevolent oversight.
    Sunday - October 11, 2015
    Final testing and preparations begin for global RV system operations.
    Monday - October 12, 2015
    Markets worldwide go through final testing phase for the upcoming globalbanking transition on new super computing mainframe / algorithm in the Far East.
    Tuesday - October 13, 2015
    Western banking sanctions are lifted from new Russian/Chinese CIPS systemand merged with Western Banking SWIFT system.  First basket RV currenciesare allowed to be converted at any amount, along with public release of physical TRN currency notes.  This event begins an irreversible process across transitioning the entire global banking network--starting in the Far East (Beijing) and ending in the Far West (Hawaii).
    Wednesday - October 14, 2015
    Al-Hijra is the Islamic New Year, and is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram, the month in which Muhammad emigrated from Mecca toMedina.  Al-Hijra / Muharram 2015 begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Al-Hijra / Muharram on the sunset of
    Thursday - October 15, 2015
    On this the first morning of Al-Hijra, after morning prayers, Iraq's long-awaited economic reforms are announced by Iraqi President Abadi. 
    This announcement is considered the public revaluation for Iraq, thus
    Launching the global financial revaluation of currencies in the USA.
    Friday - October 16, 2015
    Public in-bank redemptions set to begin worldwide of first basket RV currencies.  This date also has been reserved for the resolution of any final implementation issues or concerns related to integration of CIPS/SWIFT computing infrastructure.
    Saturday - October 17, 2015
    Final international testing with Western Banking SWIFT system begins for theIranian Rial currency.  Solutions and fixes continue for integration ofCIPS/SWIFT computing infrastructure.
    Sunday - October 18, 2105
    Iranian political and spiritual leadership announces Western sanctions havebeen lifted to honor Al-Hijra / Islamic New Year, also Iran economic reformshave been implemented including the global reinstatement of the Iranian Rialas a sovereign and good standing currency. 
    Monday - October 19, 2015
    US Congress announces the passing of 2010 IMF Code of Reforms, releasing theUnited States Government of global monetary veto authority.  A final testing phase begins for the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan into the IMF's basket of global reserve currencies known as Special Drawing Rights (SDR's).
    Tuesday - October 20, 2015
    The IMF's Christine LeGarde announces the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan as a good standing member of the SDR family, as well as China's new global reserve currency status.  The Vatican's Pope Francis releases a corresponding statement supporting (blessing) the harmonious new financial compromise.  Thisannouncement publicly acknowledges the Global Currency Reset for the world community.
    Public in-bank redemptions set to begin worldwide of first basket RV currencies.

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