Thursday, October 22, 2015


Also she has not been on her Twitter since 10/12 after leaving Peru she typically tweets every other day so the fact that she hasn't has been very quiet raises my eyebrows thanks

elmerf 4m ago We shall see. Lots going on its hard to keep up. Robbins wrote 4m ago wow that is great elmerf123456 wrote 4m ago London elmerf123456 wrote 5m ago Also China scored some deals on bonds and inclusion with London and possibly the Shanghi market. That's big news if so. Robbins wrote 5m ago where is meeting at elemer
Robbins wrote 6m ago pam is a sweetheart
elmerf123456 wrote 6m ago Pam asked me to share so I will share. ty elmerf123456 wrote 9m ago There a lot going on in the world and Iraq is part of it.
elmerf123456 wrote 14m ago One day someone will be right. I'm still looking for more news out of London.
elmerf123456 wrote 16m ago Elmer posted that some attorney of a private group thought it may go last night but here we are. No new news test folks. Sorry. I've been up most of night watching. Red wrote 18m ago Elmer posted last evening he thought it might be going sometime last night has Elmer posted lately?

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