Friday, October 9, 2015



Iko Ward: 
 Gold 1158, and Crude over 50 now and climbing, The Markets remained calm overnight. Forex down to 1100.4. Everybody happy. ISX lost again, down to 825, remember when it was up at 910? Don't be fooled. The RV is coming and with it the asset backed currencies and the West is in for a tough winter. Have you planned for water and food shortages? None if us want to go there. I know God loves me but I still wear my seat-belt.

7mmstw:   A B...trying to understand how an Iraqi can see a rate increase on his debit card?....a dinar is a dinar....my debit card is in US dollars , no rates???? please help me understand

Iko ward:  For all we now their ATM Balance Inquiry states the rate. No one is going to let Iraq go down. We all need that country to flourish.

OKRocks:  7MM by doing the math on the amount of your purchase ... ie., an Iraqi bought an Item off ebay and when amount was converted it came to 3.41 usd per dinar

Reflip:  I believe the cards are temporary because they need to get all the paper money out of Iraqi's hands. Imagine a normal everyday iraqi walking around with 25,000 dinar notes when it revalues worldwide

23skido:  7mm - for what it is worth - I think you are missing that Iraq citizen has a card with "Dinar" not US $$ - there fore it makes sense

Weneedit:  Starting to waiver if his will ever happen.

Iko Ward:  Anyone notice the Dong polled below 22,000; Rupiah picked up 425? Weneedit, there are signs all over the place. They are  just in a strange language.

RSquared:  IKO if you are correct that a gold backed currency and economy is looming for the West, you better use that seat belt to settle in because this ride isn't ready to stop yet. Go RV

ApexDinar:  The whole GCR could go any number of ways - could be awesome, could bring very tough times. Prepare for any outcome, but please stop feeding gloom & doom

OK Rocks:  We have always been taught to be wise in the event there is any event... perpare for it but dont live in fear, its called being prudent

 Ya'll put your seat belts on and place your trays in an upright position , were cleared for a landing on runway 341 at RV International !!


[xyz] Zebari World Bank: Iraq complains about the fragility of the structure of the economy, which needs substantial changes "the government has recently proceeded to a series of reform measures, and a commitment to international transparency standards in providing and disseminating 2016 budget, on time, and Iraq is not grumbling from the political fragility because he has a constitution and institutions of a viable and continue, but complain about the fragility of the economy rentier structure, which needs to fundamental changes. " Link

[xyz] US State Department: Iraq is a sovereign state and has the right to cooperate with Russia …   A spokesman for the US State Department John Kiraa said, that the United States recognizes the right of Iraq as a sovereign state in cooperation with Russia, including the security field. https://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.imn.iq/news/view.77289/




Visit the Western Union® agent location at Al Rasheed Bank St Simawa City, Iraq .
Send a money transfer, pay bills, or receive money at thousands of participating agent locations around the world. 

ELAF ISLAMIC BANK SIMAWA BRANCHAl Rasheed Bank StSimawa CitySimawa City, Iraq+964-7807600900

Greatly Blessed:  Just spoke with someone who is a Director at Western Union...he agreed that the currency has to be internationally tradable, and so we came to the conclusion that business is being transacted in USD at Western Union in Iraq.

Therefore, this answers my question as to why they could be doing business with Western Union, and not have an internationally tradable currency.  They simply can, because they are trading in USD. 

In other words they are doing money transfers using the USD and not the IQD. It seems that it is not as big a deal as I had thought previously. 

This had just bothered me so I had to find an answer.  I could not figure out for the life of me how they could be using Western Union without an internationally tradable currency until it was brought to my remembrance that they use the USD in Iraq to do trade.

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