Wednesday, October 7, 2015


elmerf123456 :  Things has Elevated!! As revealed channel "Arab" of the Queen of Arabia, citing a source familiar with the formal letter from Abadi's office which arrived to al-Maliki, in this regard, asking him to hand over ALL PERSONAL and PUBLIC PROPERTY which is still occupied, to the official concerned authorities in the Government, within 48 hours, in A NEW step for reforms demanded by the people of IRAQ!

Gizmosmom: I get and read the post but it's not the same 48 hour situation as Sunday is it?

Lollipop:  I think it's a different 48... Hoping he'll give clarity soon

Lobster:  9:09 Bruce on The Big Call got a phone call that stated Dr.S is now back in control of the CBI.

Isa52bc: I just looked in on forex and realized the USD/IDR pair has so far dropped 579 points between yesterday and so far today!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is down to around 13,900 per USD! That is a huge move in the right direction!!!!!!!!!    That is a 3.9% gain in value for IDR! Woooo Hoooo
Iko ward:  Isa, im getting the same

Isa52bc: Iko, the USD/IQD pair dropped another $1.00 today! a steady daily $1.00 decrease of the H, L, O!!!!


Iko Ward :
 Shabibi back at the CBI. Maliki asked to turn everything, ALL, both private and public, within 24 hours (48 starting yesterday), rumors of Market turmoil, rumors of the Chinese giving us a "present" after their holiday. Crude heading for 50 today. Gold holding above 1150. –

Iko Ward : 
  And last but not least, Forex did not bother to revert to 1166 before posting an 1101.9/1155.1 spread. What's not to like

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