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 Forex @ 7:11 1103. 200 across the board... bid , high , low , open

Iko Ward: Yes, we are in the zone again on Forex. Just remember it is one of many indicators. I am now more interested in the various bank stories. Momentum there is a big focus. Yee Haa!

ChrisTNT52:  Which bank stories is IKO watching? Historically (over the years) they weren't worth the rumor they were written on. Be curious to know if the ones Iko's referring to, are more credible

NewCreation: Chris, there have been several members who have exchanged, some just one currency (caught when a window was open by chance) . Now , like Tony says, we have folks who have exchanged all 4 currencies...

Iko Ward:  Hi Chris, various sources are reporting of chance exchanges and providing physical evidence. They are never for dinar, but over the last two weeks a bunch if people exchanged rupiah and dong (though not for international rates, but still good enough to exchange and then re-invest the profit.)
I believe these are regional test of the system and people luck out. But still, a big step forward.

What I like to do is take a piece of intel and then compare it to Forex, the Stock Markets, Gold and Crude, what I'm hearing in Chat and on OM. Not fool proof, but worth the work.

Iko Ward:
 Not that we care about such things (ehem), but Gold and Crude keep climbing, and the market fear and greed index is up to 31. Lets all hold hands and jump together.


  Incompetence or Theft?:Iraq TradeLink News Agency October 6th, 2015 Iraqi ex-premier [Minister for Energy Affairs] Baha’ al-Araji disclosed that the previous government of Premier Nouri al-Maliki “wasted one trillion dollars during the past years”.

 Good Article ... "Ex-Iraqi Premier Maliki charged of wasting one trillion dollars" -- http://www.iraqtradelinknews.com/2015/10/ex-iraqi-premier-maliki-charged-of.html


  From across the pond. A fire has been lit!

Abadi has been re-energized to a new level And his primary purposes are in full swing. We are seeing areas where past differences would labor for days or weeks now change basically in an instant.

Could it be that the programmed bickering in parties have finally subsided to new lows or is it that the programmer has been has lost their salt.

One things for sure, road blocks have been removed and this government is hitting timelines with a new sense of common purpose.

NoNo:  what is happening in the GOI now... it should be no surprise. The PM's trip to the US wasnt just to deliver a speech to the UN, he was also here seeking permission and a concensus from the other world leaders on how to, and if they were in agreement with his Maliki issues. And obviously, HE GOT IT~!


:  Whoop Whoop!! IMF urges China to float Yuan De-peg from USD Link

 Elmer..... is that what we want or can it rv without the depeg

 Either way. West banks mark down to market the derivatives and we're done. Or China depegs on its own driving down the is currency and causes a ripple negative effect in the economy and we're done

 So, in reading all the information out there seems like it "could" be a while yet. It's so hard to know which way it's going. Seems like we just need to get use to waiting, and keep doing our best because the time lines come and go then we chase the next one, then people get angry and demanding the twitter folks are having a field day but they're bored.

  Buckeye fan it "could" but that's not what I'm hearing. I'm hearing it "could" be very fast.
Apexdinar:  I shared yesterday that two of my peeps said this won't trigger until 2016 - Elmer has sources too - everyone just trying to piece together some semblance of truth...we all hope Elmer is on the money (pun definitely intended)!

Elmerf123456:  I doubt the 2016 date for one reason although I have others. For one Oct 20th is the date for the Yuan to become the reserve currency. With that they have 100% no reason to remain fiat and will go gold backed. That's a good reason for me.

Apexdinar:  Very cool, Elmer - the Yuan depeg & subsequest rate stabilization is the exact reason why one of my peeps said it won't happen this year...so we'll see...hope you're right

FreedomBoomer:  Elmer what are you hearing about the dong? Will it go also?

Elmerf123456:  Can't say for sure but believe rupiah dong and zim will go with Iqd.


OK Rocks:  CBI Recommendations: in order to provide consistency between the portfolio management of the Central Bank’s foreign reserves and the current exchange system, it is necessary to link the Iraqi dinar to a basket of currencies that their weights are identical to the weights of the port-folio.

We say: monetary policy needs to link the Dinar to a basket of currencies instead of being only linked to the Dollar. Then, we will reach the quasi fiscal cost-benefit equilibrium in the state budget and the balance sheet of the central bank at the same time.

Newcreation :   OKOKOKRocks! Wooohooooo


RVwetrust2:  OK have you heard of any extensions by IMF or World bank as to the mandatory Basil III requirements for all countries. Current date is 10/15/2015

TBirdd:  RvWe---i havent.. maybe that date still stands...

RVwestand2:  thanks tbirdd I have not received anything different either.

Already Blessed:   Everything is awesome right NOW....I don't have any dates or rates but very hopeful that we are done....tony gave it all to you yesterday....no bad news .... Plenty of good news....hang in there

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