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Lady Dinar
: Hey guys I hope I'm wrong but I think the dinar just went back to 1166...ugh

Iko Ward: 
 Guys, its ok that Forex reset to 1165. It has to go back to CBI rate at least once a day and usually does later in the morning. I like that it happened now instead of later

:  We have to remember that 1166 is a program rate. Again.....Program Rate!

  watching forex and the world economy GCR is like wearing a all access band at an amusement park. unlimited rides

Elmerf123456:  Word from across the pond There is much going on since Abadi return from New York. These changes are focused towards the government reforms and he is focused towards the people. A lot of loose ties are now being nailed down. He is a man of action. Several outside distractions are being dealt with and very swift manner.
It's as it has been put down like either you are with the reformers or you are not with the reforms. If you're not for change in Iraq..we will change you. Abadi has stated he will make these changes and he is not backing down and he has the support he needs now that cleanups have been done. The changes have been quite difficult but the changes are here and will bear a new Iraq!

  And the Russian involvement is a good thing Elmer? Yes?

:  UK yes


Iko ward: 
 I know not all are interested in the minutia of what's happening, but another noteworthy event was how metals took off on Friday. Eventually they will have to come down, but a lot of money moved Friday afternoon and metals got bought. Don't be angry, rather ask why would they want to buy silver and gold instead of stock? Why did Buffet just buy a gold mine?

 IKO, curious, why would metals have to come down? They have been held down too far for too long. My belief is that they will rise as soon as we get some resolution on currencies.

Iko Ward:
  taxmom...I should have been more specific....Gold will eventually come down as the asset backed economy settles in. Like everything else right now, it's value is inflated due to the Fiat backed system. Again, my opinion, it is a good place to park but don't stay too long. And none of this makes sense if you don't buy into Derivatives being "forgiven" instead of being paid back. Fun, isn't it?

  taxmom i agree the metals are being manipulated. the prices of metals will have to come down as when this reset happens prices for goods and services will go down to the 70s or 50s prices. blows my mind how but that is the goal thus metals will yes go down too.

Iko Ward:
  I'm hearing Gold will go back to 4-500 an ounce, but like greenstream just said, our buying power will be quadrupled.

Imperium:  It's inappropriate to make fact-like statements in here about metals and what they will do. Truth is nobody really knows which way metals will go...

Iko Ward: 
 Imperium, I both agree and disagree, should be qualifying all statements that appear to be coming from authority but Gold will go down.. you can bank on it….. I say that because too many people I know or read are saying it will.

Iko Ward :Diamonds are completely controlled by the De Beers family and they set the market. They make Forex look like a walk in the park, but a very stable commodity and you can be sure they will hold their value. Not bad place to park. This, of course, is only my opinion.

Readtnow:  fiat system=house of cards

JJF:   Readtnow - house of cards built on sand!!


 Did anyone watch Ben Bernanke interview this morning? He said that more Wall Street Executives should have been jailed.

 Pacific-Rim Nations Led by U.S. Agree to Historic Trade Accord. The 12 TPP countries are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and the U.S.   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-05/pacific-rim-nations-led-by-u-s-agree-to-historic-trade-accord
  Watching Greg Hunter interview Bix Weir on the economy.... enlightening.

Bix Weir-Implosion and Restart of Financial System coming!

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