Sunday, October 4, 2015



[concan] According to Art we should see something after midnight tonight on the international rate. So let’s hope this info is correct this time.
Iko Ward : we got some credible intel over the weekend that Forex would be first to post the new rates because the CBI wanted to delay for various international legal reasons. Then CBI revised their website today. Then we heard several first hand accounts of TD bank exchanging Afghani currency today. Certainly worth monitoring.
Iko Ward:   1099.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going Higher:  IKO whattttttttttttt???? Yipppppeeeee
Pe2las:  We broke the 1100 mark!
SassyD:  Forex down…… IDQ….. 1099.1 ……..
Rene5555:  Can someone please explain the importance of the IQD dropping??? Thanks
ZTenor:  1099 means our IQN went up….getting ready to RV…..just 1 indicator, lets hope it’s good!!   Remember….1099 is only an indicator……Iraq peeps must get paid first before we see it…..and I believe that is happening very soon
Ivantulafitov:  it is NOT international to us yet of course but it is an indicator

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