Monday, October 26, 2015



Iko Ward:  GM all, have to make a few calls. Just wait for Tony update. Nothing left now but banks to say they are ready

Iko Ward:  Forex finally polled Dinar and Dong. Dinar at 1101.5 so I'm back in elmer's camp for Tuesday. Good night folks. We're there, just waiting for the cook to call dinner.

BestBuy:  IMF give green light to Chinese YUAN as a world currency.http://finance.yahoo.com/news/imf-set-green-light-chinas-012014737.htm​l

Jthrnh:  I have to say that it's encouraging to see that China has the green light for a reserve currency on Yahoo Finance. I was pretty sure that this would be contingent on the VND/VNN to be revalued

Venus7:  Tony:  If so many of the Wealth Managers and Bank Foreign Currency Tellers are clueless and are calling this a scam.  Then why should they be the ones who get to decided who gets the contract rates when they say that they do not or will not be exchanging the Iraqi Dinar.

Imperium:  venus, Tony has made clear that the current scenario is that there are specific people within the banking structure that will be dealing specifically with the exchange. We will NOT be interfacing with ordinary, untrained, clueless tellers.

Smartblonde55:  I was in OM (Open Mic Call) late last night & someone called in a story from a friend that the Admirals group were "guaranteed" to get paid today. She said that was the first time that word was ever said. ...time will tell

Jim32:  It's going to happen for us when it happens. Have faith and believe it is coming. Some people have little to look forward to. Be thankful you will be part of this thing. When it does finally happen the wait will have been worth it.

Movack: if you want to see where we have been and where the world is going watch thishttp://www.imf.org/external/mmedia/index.aspx#

Go to 40 mins http://www.imf.org/external/mmedia/index.aspx#

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