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Willydell70 : What are your thoughts on what CNN is saying about Putin "Trying to flex his muscle in Iraq"? Think this will have an effect on the RV?

Elmerf123456 : Willy. I don't know. Seems the U.S. Didn't do what they were supposed too ...Putin steps in and now it's a Political Flair. China needs to tighten their muscle and get all on same page. It appears they are doing just that. Money speaks louder

Elmerf123456 : We have always stated this is a Global Event. Seems to be the case now.

Charlieok:  elmer: I have thought for some time that there has not been enough discussion intel wise on how China/Dragon Family is seeing things. Allegedly they are a huge factor? Lol

Elmerf123456:  China has not only the cards to play the table. They have the table

Elmerf123456:  The truth is we have all gotten to know a lot more about Iraq only because of the Currency we hold! We stay engaged in what goes on that country once the reevaluation takes place! but I'm willing to bet that very few people will stay engaged in what goes on that country once the reevaluation takes place We are interested now because of what we hold unfortunately that's the utter bare truth




AGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and parliament speaker stressed the importance of coordination and hard work between the executive and legislative branches and continue along the reform packages and to fight administrative corruption.

This came during a meeting with the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, head of his office in the House of Representatives, Dr. Salim al.

A statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as "During the meeting, emphasizing the importance of sustaining the momentum of victories achieved in Anbar and Baiji and support our troops stationed in the land of the heroic battle."

The Joint Special Operations Command announced that the army managed and supported by the Popular Liberation crowd of Baiji and the Po Maids forces and the role of the 600 Chinese and fully.

The statement noted that "it was stressed the need for hard work between the executive and legislative branches for the completion of projects that serve the citizens and continue along the reform packages in all political, economic, security and other sectors".
Jubouri was stressed in a statement on Monday to respect the laws and theimplementation of the development work of the parliament proceedings.

He said the cabinet statement said al-Abadi al-Jubouri and stressed "the importance of the unification of media discourse to meet the challenges taking place in the country in addition to the approval of the financial budget of the country in the light of the reduction of expenses and the country is witnessing a financial crisis due to lack of revenue due tolower global oil prices".

During the meeting, emphasis on the fight against financial and administrative corruption and the return of displaced families to areas that have been edited.
Open: Mohammed Na


tman23   Budget reached the House...They go on recess Nov 1st.  They need to have the budget done by Oct 31st.  If they do not they must stay in session until it is done and voted on.

They are needing this Budget done ASAP!

2016 Budget (which includes oil agreement between Erbil and Baghdad). This would be Baghdads last chance to make good on paying Kurdistan the 17% of the budget.

Kurdistan has lined up new options for exporting the oil outside of Baghdad. Time to pay the piper...BUT they cut salaries which has caused more demonstrations.

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK...Value needs to come from somewhere... EXPLODE WITH RATE...OR IMPLODE BY DEBATE.

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