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Iko ward: 
 Forex has already reverted to 1166 this morning and left the spread at 1105.3 / 1159.1 That's a significant movement and again a first in a week of many firsts. Yehaa!

Karen:  IKO what does that mean Forex way way lower now it's up

Iko Ward: Karen, a lot to explain here in chat. Let’s just say it has to revert to the 1166 CBI rate once everyday and then the lower it polls the better for us. And the greater the activity the better for us.

EddyEagle:  Iko.. you know the cbi rate is run by the us and not iraq. tony said a few calls ago that iraq changed the rate for thier people from 1166 to 1122

Iko Ward: 
 eddy, the US runs everything right now, but China will be running it soon (in 50 years or so). Europe is a crumbling dynasty (including Britian and Germany), Now it's our turn. We will always be a proud and great nation, just not #1 anymore.,
Elmerf123456:  For the RV to happen the derivative have to be wiped out! Not paid off. China knows this has to happen And if the silly bankers don't get it China will take some attractions on their own The derivatives are a huge most significant part of this entire RV because the bankers control everything

We are witnessing change from the systemic system that has been manipulated in the Fiat currency positions Derivatives have grown to Madrid and 40 times that of all the currency in the world and because of that there's no way that we could be paid off They must be written off

The bankers know this and they been playing the game with the stockbrokers trying they're very best to manipulate the system but the good news for all of us currently hold versus the time is running out

Iko Ward:  And who are the bankers? Say it. Today kids, we're going to look at the letter "R". Can you say "Rothschild"? Sure you can.

Elmerf123456:  The good news for us who hold currency is the derivative will force a change and it's going to happen very soon bad for them good for us

UKmtb:  Elmer... I keep reading that Deutshebank are beginning to stutter and shudder... their derivative holdings are reputed to be off the scale.

Elmerf12346:  UK. That's correct…. They are in big trouble. Along with boa, chase , citi and a few others

Iko ward:  Old network marketing quip, "Do it wrong enough long enough and you're suddenly an expert."

UKmtb:   And if Deutschebank crashes then look out Europe... will make look Greece look like a mere test case for the big one….. Elmer... http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/52275-the-stock-markets-of-the-10-​largest-global-economies-are-all-crashing

ExpectingGod:  This forex site is showing the dinar still at 1105.3. Is it behind th​e other "real" sites? http://www.forex.tradingcharts.com/chart/US%20Dollar_Iraqi%20Dinar.htm​l

Iko Ward:  expecting...you have that reversed. Forex is the definitive currency rating site. All the others take their cue from them.

Iko Ward:  And what's great about this morning is they still have the 1100.9 posted as the low while the spread shows 1105.3. So they're still scratching their heads along with the rest of us.

Fuze:  GM Tnt..Iko a year or so ago one of the gurus mentioned that right prior to the Rv, the dinar rate would start to move to some median rate from its normal rate. Is that what were possibly seeing now?

Iko Ward:  FUZE..that's the 1185 I've been talking about. That rate was given to me back in Nov. 2013 by a a Wall Street heavy. Haven't heard any different yet.

Fuze:  Ok..thanks iko...so do you see the expected pattern?

Iko Ward: FUZE, actually, the pattern is changing, hasn't been the same since Saturday.


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Elmerf123456:  For months, I have been warning that we were witnessing a textbook example of what the lead up to a major financial crisis looks like, and now it is happening. All of this was completely and totally predictable for those that were willing to look at the signs.

Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there that think that they know it all and that have a tremendous amount of blind faith in the system. Now the system is failing, and that blind faith is about to be shattered.

We about to witness the most important global financial event since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Glencore has been known as the largest commodities trading company on the entire planet, and at one time it was ranked as the 10th biggest company in the world.

It is linked to trillions of dollars of derivatives trades globally, and if the firm were to implode it would be a financial disaster unlike anything that we have seen in Europe since the end of World War II.

Elmerf123456:  The OVERWHELMING majority of the general public has absolutely no clue whatsoever, that this is coming. When it hits, and they see their pension funds, mutual funds, 401-K’s, IRA’s get completely wiped out of existence, and realize they worked all their lives — and saved — for NOTHING, the blowback will be terrifying.

The market has been giving people indications on how volatile it really is and we see some prop up Allison people get back in only to see you go back down and they lose any gains is been going on for some time now so staying a cash position you have nothing to gain but you have certainly nothing to lose

June1:  elmerf123456 what should these pepe do now? who do have OVERWHELMING majority of the general public has absolutely no clue whatsoever, that this is coming. When it hits, and they see their pension funds, mutual funds, 401-K’s, IRA’s get completely wiped out of existence? What can we do what can we say to them to help them before it happens?

Elmerf12346:   I took my investments and put them on a cash position six months ago and they're going to sit there until the storm gets corrected but that's just me…. There is an opinion or just that there is an opinions but I had some very keen people tell me to be wise and get into cash position sometime back and because of that I have not lost 40% of my portfolio like many others have not give me 40% more to reinvest when the time is right…..

Beej1966:  Imo..your 401k should not be "cashed out" but move into a cash position. If you don't have that option online call your 401k company and request that change....I think that's what Elmer is saying

Elmerf123456:  Moved into a cash position is correct. Not cashed out. Keep it don't spend it.

UKmtb:  :  Watch this Cloud ... it totally bears out what Elmer is warning about... the can has been kicked as far down the road as it can... nowhere else to go... protect your retirement funds.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiF3rWGURAk

Elmerf12456: I totally get that most of us that are here and in chat are of the age that we've always been in this type of situation… also in a Fiat currency system… anytime someone talks outside of the box they cannot mentally grasp …it is hard for me ….we are witnessing real severe changes going on around us right now and that should lift an eyebrow or two

Iko Ward:  Elmer, though I come at this from my own place on the circle my conclusion is the same. It does take an effort to think outside the box and an even greater effort to stand your ground. I'm proof of that. 6 months ago all the Forex "experts" were calling my pattern theory naive. Now, not so much.


PKB: Question to anyone: the IMF imposed a.deadline on Iraq of Oct 1 to complete all reforms or their currency would be blacklisted in the international community. Since the reforms are not completed, has the dinar been blacklisted?

Briona:   It seems like deadlines mean nothing in this revaluation process.

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