Sunday, October 11, 2015



Dave101: OM (Open Mic call) Rayren said they are doing exchanges today and we are expected to go Tues - Thurs and be done

rockymtnlady :Ray confirms that private exchanges did take place again today. It appears that the plan is to complete private exchanges by Monday eve or sooner. Then it is us...the internet people...they plan to be done with us by Wed or Thu eve...then general public can start. Ray plans to be on a beach in St Thomas by the 20th!

rockymtnlady :Also an OM caller whose hubby is higher up in the IRS reminder is everyone to use only the word "exchange" in all dialogues, with banks, exchangers, etc....do not use "cash out" or "cash in" or "investment"...huge tax implications because exchanges are not a taxable event...should this hold true for us, the language used at the time of our exchanges will be reviewed...one slip and the IRS will get you.
Isa52bc:  Hey TNT Family! The Forex charts are changing! I just clicked on the USD/IQD chart and it gave me a "bad gateway" error msg, then I clicked reload and it brought up the USD/IQN chart, except it says "Invalid symbol" in the chart name. Then I tried opening it again, got the same error msg, hit the reload, and it brought up the USD/IQD chart, but it cannot connect. so I tried the same thing again...again it can't connect!!!!!!

This trading platform also wiped out the monitor showing a -450 decline in the USD/IDR that came up right after the close of forex on Friday night, but the value stayed the same. I guess they figure people won't notice that the IDR gained another 450 pts against the USD over the closed trading weekend?????

  Isa... Sounds like something is SHAKING !!!!

Isa52bc:  Sassy, yes! I also have the USd/IQN chart open and it is showing a hidden pips range chart with "NO DATA Available" printed in the body of the chart!..... all I know is I have NeVER seen this happen before! God willing, it will appear!

Isa52bc:  Iko's forex probably won't show this until the forex opens tomorrow at 5 est. His is the REAL FOREX, not just a trading platform and they can't show stuff like this, imho.

  More Great news for Dinarians... RUSSIAN AIR FORCE DESTROYS 29 ISIS CAMPS IN SYRIA IN 24 HOURS https://www.rt.com/news/318193-russian-military-syria-isis/

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