Saturday, October 10, 2015



Iko Ward :  Just took me 10 minutes to get on site. Kept getting webpage not available. With everything I heard last night I thought maybe this was it. Lots of scuttlebutt going around about this IMF meeting, what Tony said on the call about the weekend, that the Rial is coming out on the 18th, that China is coming out Monday. We all know it's wait and see, but the ship is well over the horizon now and we are able to see some of the detail on board.
zebragirl : Got a text from a friend last night that her friend got a call from Chase to come in this morning, it was going.

UtshGirl:  hey! so I shared with some other dinarians yesterday...i overheard my managers discussing all the new wealth managers and personal bankers who were in training here in the valley. (She works at a bank) And then today they said they would be finishing up early next week. Hope there is some connection

Luvwolfs:  One thing Tony said and I happen to like was..There is no call Monday and that could be just for the holiday..or..we are all at the bank and shopping :)

UKFan1972:  Articles should not be the sole foundation of our belief. If so, we will miss many opportunities. They are usually created to get us to think a certain way or tell us what already happened…..articles serve a purpose....but we much learn to decipher between an opinion piece and an article that is factual.

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