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Gswoo13: ( The Big Call Tonight)  Ken teaching now but Bruce started comparing this to a horse race and the horses are making the final turn taking the home stretch to cross the finish line

Ice:  more like the home stretch per Bruce

 Bruce make sure you have your plan ready while we wait for our blessing, stay positive

 Bruce, our final stretch is coming before us.........once we finish...then look to a great marathon, projects etc.

 Bruce: cannot get specific on anything else .. things in process to leet this go at any time .. but I think we may be in the final stages .. may be a few small things to be done

GSWoo13:  Certain agreements in process but may be a few things that need to happen but we are close. apologizing for not being specific
Cozmo:  Bruce:.. anytime from now into about monday .. should happen sooner rather than later

Mangelo:  Bruce, he hearing good rates!! dong is higher, dinar is where it should be, zim back up rupiah doing good

Mangelo:  Bruce, about 3,000 exchanges centers through out the US….. They could use mortgage outlets, other banks, Bruce will try to post information on their website

GSWoo13:  He is saying appts may last 20 to 40 minutes

Mangelo:  Bruce you will ask for the bank you want and based on the location of your zip they will send you to the nearest one, you will get between 30 to 4o minutes

GSWoo13:  Bruce what ever they are allowed to post they will

LadyB22:  He knows personally some that exchanged today. The WM and VP are just following corporate line right now. it is not a scam.

Mangelo:  Bruce, is explaining that some of these branches will not be participating in this exchange!! that's why we are getting 800#

GSWoo13:  most branches will not be involved thats why they dont know
pinkroses : Bruce call: That is why we are using the 800 numbers to direct us to right locations to exchange

Mangelo: :  Bruce, said don't be nervous, dress well and relax

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: dress business like, have currency organized, set an appointment….  not recommending going in without an appointment.

Mangelo:  Bruce, is the problems in Syria effecting the Rv, it's not related, Russia and China want this to go through

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: a serious issue, but not think related. Russia wants this to go through as much as China. not think it is something holding it up

GsWoo13:  Full of hope anytime btwn now and monday he said he was leaning towards sooner than later

Oneiros:  KJ stated Rial was exchanged out of the country in Great Britan for $3.00

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce saying for the Canadian listeners: TD bank, scotia bank,( didnt hear what the others were) for Canadians. If allowed will post the banks of the 4 banks and their numbers

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller is the dong going to be better than 43 cents? Yes rate is much higher. is the Zim better than 3 cents? Yes, quite a bit. the Zim really good shape

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller heard anything last 24 to 48 hours to make Bruce this going to happen soon? Bruce at the point only able to share vaguely, no detail. heard some things today. this can go tonite, now

 Bruce call: Abadi speech good yesterday, called it economic reforms, translater came back and said monetary reform. help for ISIS, positive things came out of Pope visit, and head of states at the UN


777Wayne:  I received an e-mail which listed the U.S. Treasury stating that Shabibi, Abadi and Christine LaGarde, have arrived in Reno and will make the announcement tonight. This is jusst rumortel until it happens. There was alot more information that I will not share until tomorrow…… It is just rumor until it happens. We will know by sometime tomorrow.

JerseyBoys:  Were we ever able to confirm that the Iraqi people got paid at the new rate?

Desmo: The window we are in right now is by far the most open one ive seen since I've been in this.....what scares me is that when this one closes is there a reasonable time frame after this to look to that keeps Iraq from backsliding after all the wonderful things they has progressed on.



tman23  I think to the "education" part to the public regarding monetary changes...Say they plan on lifting 3 zeros at the start of 2016 (Which Shabibi said in ink a few times) that the start of the year is favorable and not in the middle of a quarter or year...

That being taken into consideration...IMO, they would have to start educating before the time...and as they removed the 50 note and gave 60 days to turn them in....so goes the pre education part to new currency etc..
Point being...If this is going to go...it can go anytime after 10/6.  We are going to know soon...and not Iraq "soon".
Iko Ward: Just a theory. I think the cards can show 3.41 and the CBI still show 1166 because they can. It's their central bank and their country. Forex is probably constrained to 24 hour projections based on what they think is happening and the actual CBI published rate. I'm guessing an international law firm billing 1500/hr could get answers, but I just don't love you guys THAT much

OffGrid:   2 reposts ---- 1) OffGrid wrote Forex dropped IQD down to 1104.9 at 7:10am eastern from the 1110.5 last night at 8:20pm eastern --------- they have not reset to 1166 yet this morning

2) OffGrid wrote Forex 'normally' resets to 1166 by 10am eastern ----------- Rayren closed OM early this morning -------------- maybe, just maybe ... today is the day (i reserve the right to withdraw this enthusiasm at a later time today)

OffGrid:  Iko replied: Iko Ward wrote Well, Tonto, I believe our work here is done...

Iko ward:  "We have nothing to fear, but fear (What? You changed it? OK) We have nothing to fear, but the Rothchilds. (The crowd is silent, then someone yells out, "Who are the Rothchilds?). "That's why we must fear them."

HopeinWy:  Iko...I know who they are...are they being diminished at all...or is that just rumor?

Iko Ward:  Hope, I'm afraid they will never be diminished. There will always be evil in the world.

Elmerf123456:   Scenario Question. Can anyone in the world stop a falling Piano being hoisted in a High Rise? Obviously NO once it begins the fall. Well the Dow is a Piano who is getting hoisted and the grip lets go and they pull it some so it goes up. There's a lot of tension on the rope and soon we shall see the Piano up close.

OffGrid:  elmer - markets are on a sliding slope right now… i think that piano is on its way down ;)

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