Sunday, October 25, 2015

TNT :Are you Ready? By ELMERF123456, 25 OCT

    • elmerf123456 said
      07:48 AM Oct 25, 2015
    Have you reviewed all of your notes and plans?
    Have you made necessary changes along the way that fits in Today vs when you first made your plan?
    Do you have a check list to keep you on track and guard you against the emotions that will set in?
    Have you the determination and mind set to utilize the 24 hour rule I've mentioned to you along the way?
    (The 24 hour rule ... take time to think ! If it's good enough today it'll be good enough tomorrow don't be forced into making any decisions that they say you have to do it now !)

    Do your understand where the differences apply should the RV come out asset backed vs Fiat?
    Have you considered a Bank that has low exposure to High Derivatives?  
    Ask your self these questions now! IMO lives are about to change. 
    You have long endured the Fight and have managed to get through it all, and have been chosen to be part of a Great Blessing. Go out and make positive changes in the world. Take care of your families and mankind and be smart along the way. Our jobs in life are all about to change! Be confident And rember what you have learned. I believe we are here!

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