Thursday, October 8, 2015


TERRYK Morning Coffee 10/8/2015 9:57am edt

terryk:  Morning all
terryk:  az
terryk:  colorado
terryk:  ken
terryk:  kkt
terryk:  mike

kenbbq1 morning TK
arizona49:  Morning boss; hope you are feeling better today

terryk:  sniffles
terryk:  but better
terryk:  thanks
terryk:  so what is with the city of Detroit erecting a statue of the devil? What's wrong with them

arizona49:  Man, hadn't heard that

terryk:  and during the night another location removes the 10 commandments
terryk:  Oklahoma

arizona49:  this country is going to heck in a handbasket very quickly

terryk:  so iraq lowers the amount in 2016 budget by 3 trillion
terryk:  must be due to limiting number of gov e mployees
terryk:  maybe we should learn from them

arizona49: Urgent: reduce the 2016 budget to 100 trillion dinars instead of 113 Trliuna   http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sandbox=0&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.khabaar.net/index.php/permalink/52535.html  

terryk:  I see poodles is saying some high ups are being paid again
terryk:  how many times do they get paid before us
terryk:  and then saying we should see something in a couple of weeks....does it work that way
terryk:  now if it is indeed 3.41 I could maybe see that

kenbbq1:  usually the high and mighty take care of themselves first

terryk:  so like three tier
terryk:  so I know someone in the top tier, trust this, if and when they go they will call
terryk:  and they do not live in the good old USA
terryk:  just saying
terryk:  not knocking their post but seems I heard this again and again
terryk:  i want this tomorrow as all u do

kenbbq1:  I agree with that....how many times have the cards been loaded....

terryk:  but until they push Isis out I think there will be issues

kenbbq1:  where are the lower denoms....

terryk:  So there are a lot of articles that talk about the on goings of Iraq government but kinda day to day stuff

arizona49:  Did you see you this today, I thought odd with the push on International Investors >>>>> Finance Committee: 2016 budget devoid of any investment 
projects http://translate.googleusercontent.com/...5QSetM5woLWw

terryk:  Yea did
terryk:  open and post in room please

arizona49:  will do
arizona49:  According to a member of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Sarhan, Thursday, that the next year's budget in 2016 free of investment projects, which is similar to the previous year's budget. He said Ahmed told / information / "The 2016 budget is free of any investment projects because of the large deficit as well as on corruption." He added that "the majority of the budget for next year go to the operational sectors of government and does not have any allocations for investment or infrastructure development." The member of the Finance Committee that "the deficit ratio stood at 29 trillion dinars, while oil revenues represent 69 trillion and non-oil 14 trillion dinars and a half trillion," pointing out that "the value of the expected imports amounted to 84 trillion, and spending 113 trillion, so the budget only operational as a whole." He pointed out that "the government can not develop sectors to boost the budget for the existence of the corruption that has bedeviled the economy and wealth, becoming a budget similar to the budget of last year, except for a difference figures, without tabs for the development of other sectors," warning "from the economic downturn in the country and contraction because of the budget deficit in general," .anthy / 25 R.
terryk:  Ok all have some thing gotta take care of gotta cut today short, Pam please open all articles for discussion
terryk:  God Bless
kenbbq1:  Thanks TK
arizona49:  done TK take care

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