Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 TERRYK Drive By 10/26/2015  6:00pm edt

Terryk:  Hey all
wushock92:  Hi Boss!
arizona49: Hey TK
terryk:  Msdiva omg hey
terryk:  wush
terryk:  yabba dab a what u hearing old man
arizona49:  TK Had 3 contradicting articles today regarding the 2016 Budget.....first as you talked about this morning, that the budget was going to Parliament today......then one that said it didn't make it, then a third that said....."arriving in coming days"
terryk:  yea saw that, but it will be there this week or abadi will sign presidential order
MsDiva: hi terryk longtime
arizona49:  Now I'm all for that EO, that is for sure
terryk: long time
majicsmoke:  hi y'all
terryk:  Wow magicsmoke
terryk:  Gotta run will be back, mich is not set up up yet so he will not be in tonight, maybe tomorrow night
majicsmoke:  later terryk
arizona49: TK thank you....enjoy your evening

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