Thursday, October 15, 2015


TerryK Morning Coffee 10/15/2015 9:59am edt

kenbbq1:   Hey TerryK
terryk:   Morning all
arizona49:   terryk Good morning boss   
jannilew:   Morning tk
kenbbq1:  TerryK I see you got Mac up today....
mac:  Ha made it
terryk:  Nice to see you mac
terryk:   morning all
terryk:  mike
terryk:  az
terryk:  kkt
terryk:  ken
terryk:  colorado

mac:  Good morning Tk. Sorry boys took too long getting to school yesterday

terryk:  I just figured u got a better offer
terryk:  thus all them kids
terryk:  so mac what's going on
terryk:  tell us
terryk:  I'm hearing this is our month
terryk:  anything article wise indicating that

mac:  So it appear that the CoM has pulled several laws for revision. I originally said they were fluff. Now it turns out they are important. Let me see if I can find it

terryk:  So read this am tomorrow we may see weird stuff going on

mac:  Why can't kind what I was just reading? Haha. At any rate I think they are sandbagging and going to pass it all at once
terryk:  Like tonight
terryk:  maybe
mac:  Why can't kind what I was just reading? Haha. At any rate I think they are sandbagging and going to pass it all at once
terryk:  because I thought today they are taking holiday
mac:  Maybe, I mean don't Iran's sanctions lift in like 3 days?

terryk:  so a few laws were read yesterday Mac. Anything important
terryk:  Dr bill we hav Mac here this morning
dr bill 70:  GM arizona49 and TK good to be here this morning hope mac has some good juice...
terryk:  so I did talk to a couple of peeps yesterday
terryk:  they are really expecting this to happen this month sometime

mac:  So I see that Mahmoud will retire?

terryk:  yep

mac:  Looks like he will be the only one to sail off into the sunset?
mac:  Alive.

terryk:  I think they all will live just in prison

mac:  And in hindsight, bonds were a flop

terryk:  yep can't issue until they have value

mac:  WB won't loan money to Iraq.

terryk:  but I see Vietnam is a rising country according to article

jannilew:  tk is that good or bad for the dong?
mac:  I see them as being backed into a corner as far as liquidity is concerned and only one solution.

terryk:  good for dong

arizona49:  VietNam Coming soon: Restructured State http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/143767/coming-soon--restructured-state.html
mac:  So park meets today. I'm looking forward to what Sistani will bring to the masses tomorrow.

terryk:  So tell us more mac

mac:  The room is being weird. 
mac:  Ugh!                                                                  
terryk:  well well well if it ain't thj
terryk:  been a few. What ya know
terryk:  mac u still alive
terryk:   mac gone

THJ:  Good morning. Can't stay long. Got a meeting with a WF WM today. If anything comes of it I'll let ya know.

terryk:  did u schedule that
terryk:  or did they call u
terryk:  have heard from a few last week they are calling peeps
terryk:  for whatever reason

THJ:  Seems that if the little birds I hear from are correct we will all be happy by the 20th. if not before.

terryk:  that would be wonderful

THJ:  I scheduled it. They wanted to meet last week and I put them off.

terryk:  make sure u feed them little birds and don't let them fly away

THJ:  After 12 years of chasing this thing I have learn to lay low and let it come to me. They want my money even more than I do.

terryk:  true

THJ:  Sure would like to hear old Okie's voice one last time before this is said and done.  
terryk:  okie I think is retired
terryk:  well all gotta go do some work, God Bless u see you all tomorrow morning 10 am
terryk:  later

THJ:  Later TK. got to run too.
arizona49:  terryk Have a good day, be well & safe...see you tomorrow same place, same time

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