Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.   

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Tony:  Gooooooooooood Morning TNT.  We are here again when we very well should not be.  Because we are here and it is the 21st and we need to pay our bills.  We hope we never have to pay (them) again. 
Tony had received messages that both Canada and Puerto Rico expected it after 3:00 pm on Monday.  People let Tony know they were upset it did not happen yesterday.  Tony's response was, "20th thru 25th is what I said.  Not on the 20th."

Tony got message from 1 bank that the dates were moved from Oct 25th to Nov. 3rd.  When he checked with another bank they were still saying Oct 20th - 25th.  Tony is expecting more information to define the dates.  Tony explained some PTB are "jerking" the whole world around with giving notices for dates and then it does not go through. 

 Tony:  I still believe in the first window. Don’t know which date is right.  Thruough the 25th or through the 3rd  Tony also said if he gets information the date has moved he will "tweet" it out to everyone.

Tony’s informers in Iraq said the information they received was the RV release was to be on the 20th. Also told the bills and lower denoms would come out.  Tony: I don't think President of any country would intentionally make himself look bad. Putting out goals he wants to get accomplished in that time frame.  (no battles going on between other forces).  Tony:  Another issue holding it up

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony said the bank issued new window of time but Tony did not say it changed from the 20-25th.
                                    Daz in slow chat during call: . . . he meant that, that was a "go window" since Monday.
IRAQ:    Investment law passed yesterday.  People have not been paid yet this month. Tony:  Have it on their cards.  Gov. people, contractors, right people at various levels telling us.
  • TV /Mosques:  In the mosques told people the laws were completed to protect their money and encouraging them to put their money in the banking system.  It was equated to their money being insured like the FDIC does in the USA.   This was so people would keep their new wealth, under the new rates, in the system and not under their bed.
  • People Upset at not seeing the RV:  Tony. . .  nobody intentionally making themselves look bad, or lie to their people. No benefit to it. Stops the people from rioting in the streets, but you only get so much mileage out of that.
  • China is asking to be a global currency.  That is different that being a reserve currency.   Tony:  I don't see that happening.  A global currency is a totally different animal.
  • Rates    Nothing was given on rates today.
  • Notification Timing:  Tony: I think everyone will hear about it as the same time. When it's actually, announced in Iraq. . I'm in California and guarantee 10 people will call me it just happened.. . The announcement will go out to all at the same time.
  • Tracking of currency purchases:  Tony doubts that tracking is done by who purchased what, from whom.
  • Stolen currency can be declared for loss on taxes.  Needs to have notarized statement to facts of theft.       
EXCHANGING:   Some banks will exchange only their customers or people who already have accounts with them and other bank(s) who will exchange everyone and give them an  option to move their funds later.   


PAM:  As DC said, most complex financial transaction in the history of man.  It’s not about us.  It’s not about the US.
RAY:  When am I going to see it Wednesday?  Time will tell.
TONY:  I try to get people to a place where they can understand it.  Our last set of numbers were so much better than what we had been talking about.  Patience.  Actions being taken is what we are paying attention too.  Actions, rates, all is good.
Have plan in place.  Do I know where I’ll put it?  Grow? 
Not going to change anything else.  Not getting in a battle with US government that does not pertain to us.  Everything else is positive.  Very positive. 
Don’t know which date is right.  Thruough the 25th or through the 3rd
Have to pay the bills again. I didn’t think we’d have to.  Thought it would be over and done with.  NO negative out there.  Nothing pointing to January at all.  Indications I have are something going to happen this month.  They have not been paid yet.
Everybody please enjoy your day.  I'll enjoy mine.  Hopefully we don’t have to do this again on Friday, but if we have too I’ll be here to do it.

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