Friday, October 9, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call. Updated as the call progresses.  40 minute call today.

NO CALL ON MONDAY - Tony:  It's a holiday or you'll be at the banks . . .spending your money. 

If we have a call between now and Tuesday, it will be THE CALL!
We see in print, “new reserve currency on the 20th of Oct.  Banks were told last week, no vacations from the 19th of Oct and on.  . .in mosques told all reforms completed and implemented by either Oct 19th or 20th.  It is public knowledge.  The 20th (Oct) keeps coming up again and again.  Outside my contacts, in mainstream finance. We don't have to go to that date.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony: . . . I think it is a great day.  Possibilities have increased 100 fold for today and the weekend.  Hopefully, we will be seeing this on or before the 19th.  

IRAQ:    No bank vacations for Iraq employees after the 19th. Tony said there was a very good possibility the announcement we await will be made during a conference now taking place in Peru.
  • TV /Mosques told yesterday all reforms will be completed and implemented by Oct. 19th or 20th. Tony:  It is public knowledge. 
INTERNATIONAL:   Christine Legarde after the Oct 20th will announce a new reserve currency.   
  • IMF    
  • Rates:   NO contract rate on the ZIM.  ZIM Rate possibly .20.         

  • Banks:  Meetings took place this AM with banks, employees and memos.
  • Packages:          
EXCHANGING:   Tony:  We are an internet group.  We are not the public they are talking about.  The preparations that are taking place, the bank people, the memos. They're doing this to prepare themselves for you. 


PAM:  Thanks mods, transcribers, especially Zebragirl, and all others.  Lot of wonderful things going to happen.  Hopefully you’ve learned a lot of lessons, relationships, financial.  Don’t forget to check out Tony Robbins book.  Great information you need it.
RAY:  This is fantastic Friday.  Are we going to see it?  Enjoy your weekend.
TONY:  . . . from agencies, intel people in the government. Everyone sharing and excited. Be prepared.  Anything could happen.  20th is the date they are putting out there making it public.  Be prepared and help each other.
A lot of you will not be able to talk to your friends any more.  Be jealous of you.  Trying to take your money.  Your not going to want people to know how much you have.  Now is the time, TODAY, to make sure you have your plan in writing.
That’s what I would do.  Again, if we have a call between now and Tuesday, it will be THE CALL.  Won’t be doing one on Monday because of the holiday.
Anything happens I will Tweet it out.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

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