Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:  It is a SuperFantastic day.  We are going to be able to experience a SuperFantastic Day!  I'm SuperFantastic.  The rates are there.
Laws are in place to make it legal.  Systems are now in place.  They had to get the new private banks in line with the CBI and the state banks as far as the laws and rules of International exchange were concerned. 

Admiral's Group Rumors:  Tony:  When the Admiral group gets paid, you'll be standing at the bank 

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony: Banks have new window.  Notified either Sunday or Monday. . . Talked to people yesterday.  We have the "green" light.   Latest word is we're waiting on one agency (3-letter) around the world.  One final "okay" and we're ready to go. . . . Looking good right now.  Probably looking the best we've ever looked, probably doing that today.
IRAQ:   Military got paid on their cards on Monday.  Rate on the cards is $3.41. Tony: People in Iraq . . . are excited about it. . . . Some cards loaded at $1.09 and were upset about that.  They could be the last ones to get paid. Tony is not aware of Shabibi being back at the CBI nor does he think he will be in spite of the rumors in Dinarland.  Tony:  I don't think he'll come back.  Always be involved.  That's my personal opinion.
  • Parliament:  Will not be taking the last 10 days of the month on vacation.
  • CBI:  Getting everything in order so they can track what they need to track.     
  • Demonstrations:  No update on them today.
  • IMF    
  • Rates    
  • UST:    Will track through the financial system after exchanges are made.  Are not tracking every single note now.
  • Banks:  Retraining people on products for new wealth people expected.
  • Investment Platforms Tony said are often scams. Tony:  Platforms are very tricky. You need to be experienced and understand the lingo and what you're getting into. There is a sure fire one through HSBC in England that pays a very high rate of return but you have to be invited. Tony suggested if you do one only do it through your bank. Tony: Texts coming in saying WF has a $100 million platform.  HSBC also has a ?? (large amount) platform.  If you don't have $100 million, look who see who does.  Who's willing to form a partnership?
Caller heard from source with UST that there are 30 million Dinar holders in USA.  Tony:  I doubt that. 350 million in US. If 10% had dinar that would change face of US economy . . . Don't think we've gotten to that number.
EXCHANGING:  Contract rates will require signing an NDA.    The percentage allocated for the contract rate can be divided up anyway the banks want too.  Currency Caps or Exchange Caps:  Tony has no recent info.  Said they were talking about changing them but he did not know anything definitive.


PAM:  Know we are hoping and have our fingers crossed.  How we are going to do things.  Let’s set the power of attraction to work and maybe it will really happen this time.
RAY:  When am I going to see you Wednesday.?  Time will tell.  Maybe this Thursday, or this Friday.  Maximize on your currency.
TONY:  404 I want to thank you for being our first one (caller) and starting off one question Wed.  Everyone else, thanks.  Hoping and praying this is our last call. Love being here.  Love helping you guys, but want the party to begin and go on . . . I think we have a very good opportunity to see this thing be over with.  Only waiting for one . . . . last agency.  Everyone else agreed to go.  Posted new rates on their cards so they can see it. 
Waiting to get a call back.  Want to know if they actually see the deposit.  On hold?  Release date?  I don’t think they will keep showing those people the rate and not let them have it. 
Banks retraining, updating.  Not just with the exchange process but with the reward process.  Opportunities, just for you guys.  Training them that a bunch of new people coming in with lots of new money and this is how we want you to direct them.
I’ll get more info.  If they say anything “out of this world” I will send it out.
Remember idiots out there who have changed 1 letter or 1 space to look like us. (TNT Twitter) If they don’t have 250K followers your following the wrong one.  Enjoy your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.

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