Monday, October 5, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:  Not a whole lot of information.  Banks did some exchanges on . . . Saturday . . .Sunday. . .  Afghani (for the first time) and Dong.   The testing, they call it exchanging, is leading up to something good for all of us.  They create windows as they go.  Close one and open one. 
We are still waiting for him (Abadhi) to make so me kind of statement that he was to make.Yesterday, he made one about green zone and told that was not the statement. Still waiting for a statement. 

TNT Fakers/Impersonators sent out 800's this last weekend saying they were for Wells Fargo and Chase.  Tony's TNT TEAM has 250,000 followers.  If the Twitter you signed up for does not have that number of followers then your not signed up with Tony.  The impersonator titled his twitter with one letter different from TNT TEAM.  They are TNT TEAW.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:   In Iraq, cards loaded.  We expect it to go as soon as last ones done.  Could be today.                                                 I can’t find any reasons for it not to happen.  If I were you I’d be excited.    It cannot go forever.
IRAQ:    Rates on their cards is showing at $3.21.  Iraqi's were excited and buying stuff like crazy.
  • Green Zone opened and Abadhi said, "We are now open for business."    Tony: This is not the expected statement (from Abadhi). 
  • Demonstrations in the streets on Friday and Saturday which Tony says is why the green zone was opened and Abadhi made his statement.
  • Afghanistan currency was exchanged this last weekend.         
  • Rates   Nothing was mentioned about rates today. 
  • Banks:  brought people in early on Sunday.  New procedures in place and banks retraining people and telling employees the RV is real.  Previously they trained peopled in the call centers and now training people in other areas.  
  • Mouses, mice meece:  Tony: 1st mouse is the trap . . .has already gone.   (Those who exchanged for low rates, SKR's.)  2nd mouse will get more even if it's $3.41 or waits a couple of days and it goes up.  3rd mouse is the one waiting for the cheese factory.  $9 , $12, won't be there for long.
EXCHANGING:   In answer to the question will the east coast exchange before the other parts of the country Tony said, Locations have been assigned numbers.  East coast cannot use West coast numbers.   (I have lots of questions around this but it was not elaborated on). Participating banks:  Ask if they currently deal in foreign currency to know if they will participate in this exchange.

PAM:  A lot going on globally to use to our advantage.  No matter how long it takes, it’s worth it. Spend more time planning post RV instead of looking for a problem right now.  Remember Tony Robbins new book,”Money Master.”  No, I nor Tony get paid for saying this.  Free You Tube videos to watch while your waiting.
RAY:  Continue to enjoy this marvelous Monday and see what terrific Tuesday reveals.
TONY:  Get ready, get ready, get ready.  Be ready.  The clock is ticking. Banks all ramped back up. Do have people who were contacted over the weekend and told, “this is finally going to be our week.”
In Iraq, cards loaded.  We expect it to go as soon as last ones done.  Could be today.  They want it to be uniform.  Rates are going to change when they do so.  There big concern is they don’t want their own people being taken advantage of . . . in the shops if they don’t’ realize the rate has changed
Everywhere else, everyone is ready. Just waiting.  I can’t find any reasons for it not to happen.  If I were you I’d be excited.  Be over today, tomorrow or Fri. or whenever it happens.  It cannot go forever.
I know they have paid on other currencies and show “Pending” in their accounts and don’t think they would do that if they weren’t really doing this.  Have done it with at least 4 different currencies
Be ready.  Have plan ready.  I’m feeling SuperFantastic!  Going to enjoy the rest of my day.  Enjoy yours.  Thank you for hanging in here with us.

GOOD NEWS:  Test results came in and the treatment was successful.  I'm ready to RV party!!!
Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and support.  They helped me through.  

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