Friday, October 2, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:  We were to be done on the 1st of Oct.  It's the 2nd of Oct and we are still here.    A million people in the square in Iraq, really pissed off because they did not get their money yesterday.  
(hearing - texts) On Monday there was a rate change. People quit their jobs.  American's . . . going home. . . on airplanes going home.  . . . on our last call, got a text from an Iraqi citizen who owns business there & here in US...has International card. . . showed new rate... there are two totally separate . . .Kurdistan were first to get it.  ONe in Kurdistan and one in Baghdad.  . . We think everybody will get it today, but they haven't.
They got their cards, informed in writing - you guys read it . . . on TV, in mosques that cards were International and they could use at ATM's.  How could that have happened?  How could you do that if the exchange rate is not International? . . . We know that sooner or later they need to do this.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  High probability it could be done over the weekend.   I do not have a new date for you guys. . . . I know good possibility they could be 48 hours behind or ahead. People still saying anytime, any minute. . . Two minutes after they do it, it will be live around the world.
  • CBI     
  • Banks 
  • TV              Mosques 
  • Demonstrations protesting corruption and no reforms and no money.  1,000,000 people in the square today.
  • GCR:  Tony: Initial plan was for US and GB to get the lions share and everyone who participated in the war to rebuild Iraq and be compensated.  It was suppossed to have been done in short period of time.  Because it stretched out so long, other countries wanted to take advantage of this also. . .get a piece of the pie.  (decided) to reset all the economies of the world and then the way we value money. . .forgive the debt. . . My understanding is there were really close yesterday.  Did Obama let other countries in?  No it was already started.  . . Had his own ideas, wanted his stamp of approval and changed some things.  (Did he) Dragged this out even further?  I'm going to say, Yes!  Could have been done a long time ago if it was just about the currencies.  It became about the birth of a country and who was going to be the parent . . .and who was going to give this child it's new value?
  • UN:  Large group of people still here negotiating for global trade.  Everybody involved wants their piece of the pie.  Tony: I don't know if it's actually holding up the RV. Extended, held up, 48 hours so they come to an agreement.  Haven't heard this was a requirement.  Just looking at all the pieces of the puzzle. 
  • Rates:  ZIM in the basket.     Dinar over $3.00, Dong over .40; ZIM double digits in cents; Rupiah over $1.00 and Afghan over $2.00
UNITED STATES:    Tony: Iraq owed a lot of people money. They paid Iraq debt and in turn they get Dinar.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  Tony:  Banks are being trained and told to give you what you ask.  No NDA, everybody knows the rate.  Sign and NDA, then need to negotiate the different rates.
  • Wealth Managers waiting to be told they will be doing exchanges.  Most of them still don't know.    
  • Taxes:  No new information.  Tony has heard talk of a flat tax on this exchange but has no confirmation or firm information on it.     
EXCHANGING:  Everybody will want to know where you got this money.  Homeland Security, UST, banks.  Everyone will want to know.  Tony:  Every bank you go to will require that information.   All exchange locations will not be in banks. Some will be in business offices and others will be leased spaces.

TNT Business:  Tony:  Two people called me yesterday and asked me to call them back. I am just not able to call all you guys back.  There are 30,000 of you and only one of me.  I do what I can.  My enthusiasm was through the roof when we first got here. then went through reality from the world. We learned how everybody doesn't do what they say they are going to do. A bunch of people intentionally lie for their own or company benefit. Negotiations on every level.  We don't control any of that.  We are on the bottom of the totem pole.  All I can do is simply pass on . . .about this process.  I don't get to write any of the rules or day or time to go to the bank.  If I wasn't here, doing this, there is a 99% chance I'd already be paid and know people who did. But because I'm here and doing this I can't get paid until everybody else does so believe I want this to get done.

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