Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.   Updated as the call progresses.  

Tony:  Goooooooooooooood Morning TNT.  I am SUPERFANTASTIC!!!  It's a SUPERFANTASTIC DAY!!!
Started hearing a lot of stuff last night. Process was rolling out.  It's a GREAT day!  A lot of people are happy.  Your dreams are about to come true.   Rates changed at the bank once again.  You guys are going to be ecstatic.  Some are absolutely, unbelievable!  . . . Today, right this moment, I am SUPER, SUPERFANTASTIC!!!

CURRENT WINDOW:      PROCESS ROLLING OUT!!!  Tony:  Could be, literally, any day. . . any time in the next six days.  Things are absolutely in motion.  . .  What I'm sharing with you just occurred yesterday.  Things were put in motion 24 hours ago.
Tony: At this point . . .I just don't see it stopping it.

TNT Business:  Some idiots posting info designed to mimic/impersonate/get you to think it's Tony.  Tony:  Be careful out there.  Trying to get you to click on their site so they can get paid for the click. 

IRAQ:    Holiday, celebration this weekend in Iraq.  Seems it might be the Islamic New Year.  Celebration starts at sundown and goes through tomorrow.  Tony said he thought Beyonce was in Iraq for the celebration.  Rate has been on the cards for almost two weeks.
  • CBI     
  • Banks memo went out once again regarding no vacations days off from 19-20th till end of the month.
  • Iran:  Sanctions lifted on the 18th.
  • IMF:  Announcement on the 20th of new reserve currency
  • Rates:  All currencies going at the same time and all at higher rates.    Tony:  Rates higher today on all the currencies.  They highly recommended you guys buy some China currency.
UNITED STATES:    Dates scheduled for people to go in for exchanges. Tony:  First nine (to 10) days they expect all of you to be done.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:    Banks do not want their employees disrupted by knowing this became real and they were not part of it.  Tony:  (There) Will be some kind of organization or direction to exchange.  Security is in place.  Everyone notified.
  • Packages:   Tony:  I'm going to do the best I can to make it as smooth as possible for you guys.   Tony still does not have a definitive statement from TPB how they will handle this. He will send out a Tweet and post on all the TNT sites:    
  • http://tntdinar.com        http://tntsuperfantastic.com       http://tntsuperfantastic.net     http://tntsuperfantastic.info 
  • CAPS:  Have not been discussed for some time, Tony said and may not find out for sure until the RV release..  Since he has heard of some exchanging and caps were not in play he wonders if they will be in effect.  The Caps previously discussed were not concurrent.  Meaning if you obtained the cap for one currency it did not affect the cap for a different currency.
  • Vegas, Vegas, Vegas:  Accommodations in Las Vegas for November thru December are locked up.  The alternate web sites are where we are to sign up for the Tony sponsored events.
"OKIE" has health problems and cannot do anything about it until after the RV.  Please include Okie in your prayers.
10th DAY PLAN:  Tony:  On the 10th day, everybody go out and bless somebody.  Be hsitoric . . . all over the internet.  We will know.  Know people involved in this actually following thru

PAM:  Pam:  Want to read this, “There will be a time not so far from now you look back on this space in your life and instead of condemning, blaming . . .guilting  you will feel appreciation for it because a new desire for life started here that you will have achieved. . . You will find a new desire for life that was born out of it.” Abraham
RAY:  Continue to enjoy this, "When will I see it Wednesday."  The answer is coming.  
TONY:   Nothing but good news since last night.  Make calls half way around the world to confirm everything we were hearing.  The excitement, joy in peoples voices.  Saying, “confirmed;” “it’s here;” “it’s done;”  “this is the day, the time.”  All kind of good things were going through last night and this morning.  
You will hear some of that spilling over.  Asked not to be too specific.  We can take a deep breath and say, “My God, about time.” 

I gave you the time frame.  Memo that banks have put out.  What to expect the last 10 days of the month.  Does not mean we have to wait for that to get started.

Great day.  Great time.  For those who’ve gone through this with me.  Thank you.  For those who have been in this 5 -10 years, don’t know if I could have done that.  Five years have been hell.
If you are not ready to do this.  You need to be getting ready.  Need your plan of action.  Be thinking of how/where to be putting your money so it can make money for you.  Please do not squander it.  Please do not go blow all your money.  Please, please, please have a plan for your future before you go to the bank.  Do it now, while you are of sound mind. 
Hope this is the last call.  Maybe one on Friday.  Enjoy your day.

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