Friday, October 2, 2015



  • The snow is not falling now.  But the snowman is smiling.

    • Still out in the cold...patiently waiting.

      • Well, I remember someone in my younger days talking about a "snow job"!
        Are we getting a snow job on an RV?

        • That snowman isn't discouraged or exhausted! He is smiling and waiting patiently.

          • It was a close call but clearly this is the loser of the snowwball fight!

            • What I find interesting is that my Intel is saying things a moving forward (not gurus). Exo says snow= progression. Well all we can do is see what happens this weekend. Our time is near!

              • Didn't Zap imply that the RV would be around or after mid-October?  Or did I get the wrong meaning from his last series of newsletters?

            • Frosty will be back again someday

              • How cute a snowman waiting!
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