Thursday, October 1, 2015


S3A : 


    • Parliament to raise its next Saturday after the vote on a number of draft laws
      Information / BAGHDAD / .. 
      I decided the presidency of the House of Representatives, Thursday, 25 to adjourn the meeting on Saturday, after the vote on a number of draft laws. 
      A parliamentary source for the reporter Agency / information / The "House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, decided today, raising the regular meeting of the Council to 25 on Saturday, after the vote on the draft law on ratification of trade cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait Convention on the Law." 
      The source, who preferred not to be named, said: "Parliament also voted on a draft Islamic Banking Act, as well as the draft ratification of the partnership agreement cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between Iraq and France for cooperation law." 
      He explained that "the Parliament to reject the draft law amending the Income Tax Law No. (113) for the year 1982", adding that "the House of Representatives agreed to the questioning of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal next week." 
      The House of Representatives held on Thursday, led by its 25-Salim 

      • Relax everyone. This will happen one day! The last few days of information was moving after a dry spell about 5-6 months. Yes very exciting. It's all good. Go about your business and enjoy life today.

        • If you look carefully, the reindeer on the left side holds up a white flag, surrendering.  It is hard to tell from the GIF whether that was at the beginning, suggesting a false surrender (something the cabal is known and expected to do) of if the surrender happens at the end of the fight, suggesting victory over the fight. Now, this is snowballs, so was it a real fight in the first place? Was this just a game, good cop bad cop? Was this just a show, a false dichotomy to trick us into cheering for one side or the other?
          Need more clues EXO. ;-)

          • Banking Act completed..

            • good morning, family

              • we have so much snow that has fallen, that we can just sit and play 

                • Progress has turned into a snowball fight.
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