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MNT. GOAT UPDATE :Stepping up the Nori al-Maliki Smear Campaign” , 7 OCT

The latest mnt goat news letter 10/07.

UU6815 –“Stepping up the Nori al-Maliki Smear Campaign” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Lots of BIG news to report today. It is all pointing in the direction of getting these very last items corrected so Iraq can move towards completing the currency reforms.

I wanted to include a shorter than usual news letter and give you a reading break today…..lol… However I did not shortcut or skimp on the news you need to know at this time.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday October 7th and still no RV. Could the RV happen anytime now, any second or any day?
Absolutely NOT!

Do not let anyone convince you this is the case. There is no timeline or target date. We simply have to wait for the events to unfold that are required to bring the POLITICAL STABILITY (getting rid of Maliki and the Iranian influence),


and the ECONOMIC STABILITY (ending the corruption, returning the loss Iraq funds, and diversifying the Iraqi economy).

Some of these so called intel “gurus” actually had the guts enough to tell you the news was very quiet this past weekend. Really?  Could it be because they simply did not prepare for their intel call?

Could it be they trust their so called “secret” boots-on-the- ground sources too much from Iraq and they had nothing to say so there was no news. Maybe this has been their problem all along?

Are we all watching for the same news? Are they watching the Iraq news or from some other country? ….lol….lol..  In fact there was an explosion of news over this past weekend. Simply overwhelming there was so much good news to tell you.

Today let us start with a very interesting article from the news media on a speech Abadi made to the press as he returned from the UN summit in NYC. Seems since his return he is taking bold steps to outwardly admonish Maliki and his goons. He even gave them 48 hours to vacate the offices the still occupied as VP.

Do you notice how this admonishment is now becoming more and more public and open. Just last week we had the CBI with Dr Shabib openly doing the same.

Next article below is telling us about fears of turning the dispute between the Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a clash between supporters of the two parties. This is all good folks!

It is telling us this clash is about to get dirty and we know it has to get even more dirty before it gets better. We all know who the winner is going to be since Abadi has the full backing now from the USA in the disposal of Maliki and his goons.

 But it is happening NOW. NOW we see this event unfolding as I have been telling you all along that Iraq must get rid of Maliki and clean up the corruption prior to any RV. It is a process taking much longer than any of us would like it to but we can see the process unfolding before our eyes.

It is all good and with the extreme pressure now from the demonstrations an religious authorities to prosecute ALL the corrupted officials it will not be long before Maliki too is on trial.

You see to divert a civil war from the sudden removal of Maliki and his goons (as he would play it out as political revenge since he lost the election) the Iraqi government had to establish a campaign to slowly inform the people of the corruption of Maliki to gain their support for his demise.

Many were uncertain of his guilt and the news media twisted the truth. Now they are stepping up this smear campaign to another level as we see the openness and uninhibited admonishment to exposure Maliki for what he really is.

Article Begins


 Baghdad -arac Press October -5: detect early, on Monday, the source, that the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sent a warning  message to his successor, Haider al-Abadi, having called Maliki as the "Leader of necessity" during a speech, referring likened to a recipe fired at head the former regime of Saddam Hussein in the eighties of the last century. 

quoted "toss" the news source as saying that "Nuri al-Maliki sent a message warning angry epithet Abadi him in one of Safat Saddam Hussein," the commander of necessity ", after Abadi launch a major attack on al-Maliki, blaming him of responsibility for loss billions of dollars of Iraq's money during his rule.

  "The source, who declined to name withheld that" the atmosphere between al-Maliki and al-Abadi are charged dramatically, and apparently that Ebadi had received the green light from the Americans to attack the al-Maliki after his return from New York, a Malahza everyone in his speech, yesterday.

 "This comes at a time when the MP called for a coalition of state law, the emotions of grace, on Monday, the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, a intended to clarify by saying (Commander necessary) in a recent speech, stressing that" the reforms achieved by adopting a speech moderate who strengthens hope the hearts of the masses.

"She said in a statement received / Iraq Press / copy of it" if we talked to corruption and waste of public money must be open failed with the Kurdistan region oil and the oil accord files, which have been smuggled through Turkey, oil and suspicious transactions, officials and contractors phantom entrepreneurs, " afterthought by saying, "but in any case we must be impartial and fair, if we want to eliminate corruption in all its forms, and move away from selective."

She said a blessing, that "reforms to adopt a moderate speech strengthens the hope in the hearts of the masses conditions," calling Abbadi: "Clarification meant by saying (Commander necessary), Iraq where there is no leader of the necessity and the term is still the demise of the former regime, "he described. showed grace:" The political blocs must take responsibility for what happened from the waste of public money, since 2003 it can not be limited to the issue specific region of ".    Article Ends

Article Begins


Baghdad, Iraq pre-Q -6 October: expressed Sadrist bloc affiliated to the National Alliance, on Tuesday, fears of turning the dispute between the Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a clash between supporters of the two parties.

The leader of the Liberal bloc Abdul Aziz Zalmi in a press statement, "I am afraid that the dispute between al-Maliki and al-Abadi turns into a collision between their supporters," and accused al-Maliki to "obstruct the reform steps taken by Abadi during the past period."

Zalmi pointed out, that "the reform steps Abadi lost many prominent political figures from their posts", in reference to the Vice-President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki and Osama al-Nujaifi and Iyad Allawi.

He explained Zalmi statement Abadi, last Saturday, that "the main actors revealed the political and the interface that impede reform steps," noting that "it became clear from hampering reforms, especially after the request Abadi from a number of officials, including Maliki evacuation of the presidential palaces within 48 hours."

He said a close associate of the leader of the Sadrist movement, said that "al-Maliki is more figures that ignore opposed and Amtedt Abadi steps of reform," warning of "widening differences between the poles of the Islamic Dawa Party, after the recent Abadi's remarks."

Vadt and Iraqi sources, on Monday, warning that al-Maliki face to Abadi message, after the latter called him last Saturday, "the commander of necessity", in reference to the analogy of the recipe were fired at the head of the former regime of Saddam Hussein in the eighties of the last century.

The sources said that "Nuri al-Maliki sent a warning message from an angry epithet Abadi, one of his recipes Saddam Hussein," the commander of necessity ", after Abadi launch a major attack on al-Maliki, blaming him of responsibility for the loss of billions of dollars of Iraq's money during his reign."

The sources pointed out, that "al-Abadi received a green light from the Americans to attack the al-Maliki after his return from New York, which is observed by everyone in his speech on Saturday, causing it to charge the atmosphere between al-Maliki and al-Abadi."

For its part, called the MP for the coalition of state law, the emotions of grace, Abadi, is intended to clarify by saying (Commander necessary) in a recent speech, stressing that "the reforms achieved by adopting a moderate speech which strengthens the hope in the hearts of the masses" .anthy (1)

http://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=162241&lang=ar     Article Ends

Next I wanted to bring you this one last article on these salaries issue. So please stop asking me about these salaries and their tie to the RV. I am not the idiot that gave you this information.

I want to point out to you one more time that these salaries have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the RV.

I have been saying this all along and it is still my stance. Some of these so called intel “gurus” (and one in particular) has claimed many times and even based his intel calls on the basis that these reductions salaries were in preparation for the RV.

Why did he tell you this? He told you simply because his sources told him to regurgitate it to you. He did not even take the time to think it through or read the many articles on the topic.

This was just so ridiculous when I heard it my heart sank with the sadness anyone could even be bold enough to put out such idiotic garbage to you fine dinar investors.

If it was true then - Where is the RV since they have released these salaries multiple months already with the lower rates and still NO RV?  I think perhaps it’s time to get new sources for your intel if you are proven wrong time after time after time.

Anyhow here is the truth once again and more proof once again that the salaries are just being realigned with a common government pay scale. I quote from the article “preparation of a new system of salaries”.

Why is this so urgent? It will eliminate Maliki’s favoritism tied to salaries and save the government billions. This is part if Abadi’s reforms and nothing else. Cleaning up the mess left behind from the Maliki administration. I certainly hope we can finally close this saga now once and for all?

Article Begins


Urgent Abadi: Preparation of a new system of salaries and allowances and will be discussed in the cabinet soon


 Mahdi Keywords representative of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in the activities of the National Integrity Week on Monday that he was preparing a new system of salaries and allowances and will be discussed in the Council of Ministers Gariba..itba     Article Ends

Next is an article about Iraq getting an invitation to join the GCC.  When I read it I jumped for joy. I am so happy for many reasons. Here are the reasons. You should be very happy too.

1) since getting rid of the Iranian influence is happening right in front of our noses and this must happen prior to any RV.

I always knew that getting rid of Maliki and removing Iraq as the “puppet” Iranian state was not going to be easy and would take some time. But we can see it is happening now.

 The process may be slower than we want but is all good and moving in the direction we need it to move. I have talked about the necessity to accomplish this goal many times in past news letters. I still stand firm to my conviction.

It is almost unreal to finally see this taking place and now under a level of pressure from the rest of the Arab coalition/world. Remember too getting rid of Maliki and his goons is going to be HUGE in this direction of movement for Iraq.

2) by joining the GCC this will give much more power to the government of Haider al-Abadi and the opportunity to direct reforms and that these reforms will inevitably lead to disengage with Tehran.

 It will be like a snow ball effect as the momentum will pick up and the ball gets bigger and bigger.

We all should know by now the influence of Iran in Iraq as it has been the source of corruption and terrorism for so many years and why this is special news and music to our ears. This will bring a NEW Iraq to the people, allow for international trade and investment thus our RV. It is all inter-connected.
Please see the article below on this topic. Their words not mine. No hype, No rumors, just the FACTS.
Article Begins


Follow-Iraq Press October -5: Gulf sources revealed that the Gulf Cooperation Council states, led by Saudi Arabia plans to join Iraq to membership of the Cooperation Council in order to remove Iraq from Iranian influences.  

The sources expected a change in the equation in Iraq through support of Washington and the Gulf states to the Government New in Baghdad away from Iran in return for annexation of Iraq to the GCC.

The GCC sources told the newspaper, "public opinion" of Kuwait, the Americans cut a long way in the talks with the religious authority, the Shiite Ali al-Sistani, and offered through the nomination of a new prime minister is supported by reference in Najaf to be within the government formation process make significant changes to Iraqi politics.  

According to sources include changes to get away from the Iranian axis in exchange for supporting Gulf decisively to restore the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the elimination of the "Daash", and the establishment of a national reconciliation on a sound footing ends with sectarian sorting and division current in Iraqi society.  

The sources said that the new prime minister proposed by Washington named "Imad Khersan" an Iraqi engineer holds American citizenship and was among the advisers crew who worked with Paul Bremer.

  "According to sources that Khersan have a vision for the establishment of the Federation of Iraqi Federated States with the establishment of relations moderate peace with all countries, particularly the Arab Gulf states and believes that Iraq suffered major damage due to joining the shadow of the Iranian axis and without any returns, but made it home arena of the wars between the conflicting parties in the region.  

Talks through intermediaries representing the US ambassador in Baghdad, including ministers and former officials.   The sources said that Sistani believes that al-Abadi reforms will not take place without US pressure on Tehran, noting that al-Sistani asked for time to prepare the Iraqi arena for this change, and the granting of government Haider al-Abadi opportunity to direct reforms and that these reforms will inevitably lead to disengage with Tehran.  

The sources to the US side informed Sistani content of the talks held by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz at the White House last month, where he spoke a lot about Iranian interference in Iraq, and that is what led to the division of Iraq and the departure of Arab States with him.  

The sources confirmed that Saudi Arabia will support Iraq's accession to the Gulf Cooperation Council if it moved away from Iran's provocative policies directed to the Arab countries, which was the first cause of the Arab objections to the nuclear deal. 

 The sources confirmed that the US move in this direction would be substantially in US policy toward Iraq and Iran, which he accused Arab side Bmmaloh Tehran at the expense of change Araba.    Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,   Mnt Goat

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