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So the playing of the broken record may finally be slowing down as Iraq has made much progress in its reform program over these last months since June. By winding down I do not mean that Abadi and te government will cease all reform efforts but all indications show the bulk of the immediate reforms necessary for our RV are all almost but done. I will explain in today’s news letter.
The most evident news today comes from the passing of more of the needed reform laws.
I also want to refresh many memories on past events that led us to where we are in currency reform today. I hope by doing so everyone will see that in fact the glass is HALF FULL rather than HALF EMPTY in this continuing RV saga.
Today’s News
Today is Wednesday October 28th and still no RV. No prospects for an RV either in the coming month.
So these foolish notions of an RV over a Oct 20-25 window did not happen. Really? I could (and did) tell you that. Now these same guru’s try to, once again, stretch this out over this week as they normally want to keep you on the edge longer rather than admit defeat and let you know that they screwed up and let you down and disappointed you once again. In my mind many of these so called intel “gurus” have no business having forums or conference calls and should be shut down. It if was up to me I would do this immediately since they bring nothing more than confusion and high anxiety to everyone for nothing.
Are you disappointed once again? Are you fed up on the misinformation? Are you ready to get off the roller coaster ride each week?
So what is Mnt Goat’s point in continually talking about this misinformation and these intel “gurus”?
I am telling you I too get these RV windows that do not pan EVER. The difference is I chose not to bring them to you. Why? Because you must consider all the information and by doing this you MUST READ THE ARTICLES and stop JUST listening to the banks and any info that never pans out.
Instead I want everyone to understand that we are very close to an RV but if you call yourself an intel “guru” then you must take the responsibility that goes along with it and study this saga closely. I have told many over and over again the truth and still they do not want to accept it. Why? Because it is not within their little world of make-believe. This make-believe is from these sites that fill you minds with crap.
My point is simple and then I will get on with today’s news.
If you are only watching these  bank screens,  these call centers and these bank training personnel than your intel is really lame and you should  do much more research. My recommendation – get off your lazy butts and read the 100+ articles each week that come out on this investment. Instead ge humble and stop filling everyone up with this garbage about a GCR (no such thing) and a basket of currencies that does not exists.  Your intel STINKS plain and simple. Did it every occur to you that there are rates for these other currencies Rupia, ZIM and Dong for the future or perhaps the UST is just plugging them into the new algorithm to gauge the values and may have no intention of revaluating these currencies anytime in the near future? So who is telling you they will RV? Could it be they know no more than you and just are passing rumors to you? I feel sorry for everyone who has purchased large sums of these three currencies since you have been scammed. Don’t believe me? Wait and see who is telling the truth.
I say this because you are not paying attention to all the articles and other factors involved that are very relevant in order to get the overall BIG picture of this currency reform. If you did then you too may come to the exact same conclusions I come to when I hear about this other news.
Do I believe we are very close to an RV? YES, YES and YES again but I refuse to go down a road that over and over again panned out to only disappointment. Did the bank screens ever. ever pan out for an RV? Did training personnel on exchange procedures ever pan out to an RV  to us before? Did the elite exchanging mean we are next? Should the hold up on payment of money on the SMART cards mean an RV since always it gets resolved somehow and they managed to pay the citizens of Iraq and still no RV.
So none of these events ever triggered the RV in the past 5 years. So why are you still putting so much emphasis on them folks?  Why keep banging your head on the wall. Doesn’t it hurt? Are you insane? Do you know the definition of insanity?
So now lets us look at some realistic news today and see if we can substantiate a real timeframe for seeing our RV.
First I want to begin around the period of last spring 2015.
An article from the finance committee told us at this time that they are giving the CBI the “GREEN LIGHT” to go ahead with the currency reform project. Do you remember this article last March? We were all in wonder and thought we would see the RV shortly. Well….here it is in October and still no RV. I will tell you why.
There is no RV because the intensions were not to RV yet. Simply put there was work to be done prior to any RV and getting the green light told us that they could NOW BEGIN THIS WORK. This is all it meant. Of course we don’t know what we don’t know. This is why you have to follow the sage and read the articles. They lead you down the path of where they are going. It is so dynamic. So what work was necessary?
Do you think perhaps the IMF came down heavy on Iraq and told them they must clean up this money laundering? Then in August what do we see? The anti-money laundering and terrorism law….right?
Why did Iraq now react to the IMF’s request? I JUST TOLD YOU – IT WAS PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT.
Then we witnessed a number of investment forums and seminars hosted by Iraq in London, in Erbil etc… Why did they host these events? Could if be that they were attempting to get feedback from potential investors on what changes need to be implemented in Iraq to make it a safe place for their investment?
Pay attention to this – the investment law was first conceptualized in 2006. Why did it take so long to implement? We all know Maliki and his goons were blocking any laws that could move Iraq forward. Now that he was essentially neutralized Iraq had to go back and move this law ahead. So why did they now in 2015 move this law so aggressively forward? Just yesterday it was passed by parliament and in the same day ratified by the president of Iraq. The answer – I JUST TOLD YOU – IT WAS PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT. They now have the green light to go ahead.
Why did the CBI announce the 50k and 100k note strategy to us in many articles? First they give us a deadline then they postpone then again tell us a go ahead then postpone again. These notes are specifically designed to suck in the last of the large three zero notes, at about the same time the RV is ready to be triggered. If you have been paying attention to past events you know that already almost 80-90 % of the three zero notes are out of circulation in Iraq. They are using mostly US dollars. So when they launch these 50k and 100k notes the banks will have to purchase then using them using the remaining stocks of three zero notes they have in their faults. Why do they have this plan? Why come out with this now? Why have they not done this already? I JUST TOLD YOU – IT IS PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT and must wait to the optimum timeframe to do it (just before the pull the RV trigger). They now have been given the green light to go ahead.
Why has the CBI held off in launching the new lower denominations paper and coins (permanent) currency of Iraq? Again they must wait until the optimum timeframe to do so. But this will be a signal to us that the RV has happened in Iraq or is very close at hand. This is the process and the plan. So what is this all about? I JUST TOLD YOU – IT IS PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT.
When the CBI finally launches these newer lower denominations to the banks, the banks will have to pay for them somehow. Certainly they are not going to just give FREE money to the banks. The banks will put in orders for the new currency to the CBI on demand by the citizens and businesses.
How will they pay for these notes? They will use mostly US dollars and some of the three zero notes to buy them from the CBI. When will they do this? They will do this on-demand from the citizens since if this is timed with the RV the new denominations of dinar must value at much more than the US dollar, Euro, British Pound, etc, and the older notes, thus the CBI will fill its reserves with these other currencies. These other currencies can then be used in trade and commerce as needed once international by the CBI thus increasing their reserves. This is how the CBI will literally make billions and billions overnight with a simple RV. Do you get it. Why is this set up like this? I JUST TOLD YOU – IT IS PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT. It is the plan.
So why again this week we just witnessed yet another amazing law get passed by parliament. The National Unity cards law is now official. Why are they doing this national identification card? I JUST TOLD YOU – IT IS PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT.
The plan is it will help create more security in Iraq by identifying Iraqi citizens from foreigners mostly Syrians and Iranians. We all know that the Iranian influence must be gone from Iraq prior to any RV. Iraq also will be paying out oil royalties soon on these cards (along with pensions and salaries) and they must get the census correct. This will be the ONE and only SMART card. This also eliminates much of the corruption (once again) associated with “ghost” citizens that do not actually exist but could take more than the appropriate share of funding to a providence. Iraq has found much of this abuse within the provinces and those officials responsible are being weeded out.
If you were paying attention I did  emphasize to you in the past that Iraq has begun a number of projects. These projects all seem to putter out and never really go anywhere as a soure of intended revenues for Iraq. They included the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX), Customs and Tariffs, and the Sovereign Bond drive. Why is this the case? Why do they seem to implement these projects and then kind of shelf them for the time being? I JUST TOLD YOU – THESE PROJECTS ARE  PART OF THE CURRENCY REFORM PROJECT and they need to go first international and RV their currency for these projects to be effective.
I have warned you not to put much merit in these events bringing us the RV but rather these projects would benefit from the RV at a later date. I kept saying the RV was the end result. They are part of the overall scheme (the plan). Remember too don’t take these projects lightly. They took many years to put together and so it is now like a trained race horse waiting at the gate for the gun to go off. The gun being the RV. It is that simple.
Why did the CBI tell us in an article shortly after the second June Paris Conference meeting last June that they were going to postpone the project to delete the zeros until early 2016 timeframe? It is because they knew at this time there would be no RV until they cleaned up the corruption and came up with a reform plan for Iraq. Soon Abadi come out with his first wave of reforms. These were economic, banking and financial reforms. Then we began to slowly see the needed laws being passed to support these reforms as the months progressed. At this time they agreed to a 90 day timeframe but come mid September they announced they were in fact not ready. We just witnessed this now since they just passed the investment law and the national unity card law yesterday October 27th over a month after there mid September agreed timeframe.
Why do I mention these events to you again? Because they have been all very good news in the past that leads us to believe the final conclusion to the currency form project is near. This is all very POSTIVE news and Mnt Goat is not bringing you negative news but instead very positive news that they are just about completed as everything we can always be sure about in this world is change in inevitable. Give it time to be worked out and you will see it. As I have said over and over again since June – “don’t look for the RV but rather look for the progress of these reforms, since the reforms will get us to the RV”.
You only feel there is some delay because you have been told each week that you would see an RV over the weekend. Hear this enough and you too believe it over and over again. No wonder you are so anxious and anticipating this RV event so much. But over and over again I keep telling you that these are foolish people passing in this foolish intel to you about these RV windows. This is information you  do not need to know since it is so much in the moment and not intended to predict an RV in the first place. You must connect them also with the current events to fight ISIS and the events associated with the currency reform project.
Dr Shabibi of the CBI has told us already – The CBI will not launch the new currency until Iraq has Political, Economic and Security stability. Some say it is easy to look back in retrospect and tell us these things now. Really? This is what you believe? ALL and I mean ALL of this information was being told to us in the articles and news from Iraq. Go back and read my 50+ news letters since June . Not some secret sources but rather the public news media. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
How could you RV without the anti-money laundering law? (financial reforms)
How could you RV without the terrorist law? (security reforms)
How could you RV without an Investment law? (economic, financial and security reforms)
How could you RV without the National Unity Card? (security and economic reforms)
How could you RV without first setting up the Customs and Tariffs, ISX and printing the 50k and100k notes? (economic and financial reforms)
How could you RV without launching the lower denominations at the banks? (financial reform)
How could you RV without the National Guard law (security reforms)
How can they RV without getting rid of the Iranian influence, Maliki and his goons (political reforms)
How can they RV without cleaning up all the corruption in the ministries (political reforms)
How can they RV without getting rid of ISIS and under control (security reforms)
It is all moving ahead with lightening speed but it is a process and contains many events that must be done prior to the RV now that the GREEN light has been given since last March.
So all you so called intel “gurus” out there please take some responsibility in what you say to the dinar community. Study the articles and take all this information in connection with the bank screens, call centers, bank training, speeches in the mosques, secret sources, DC connections, etc. It all matters and I will say again IT ALL MATTERS and must be taken into consideration.
There will be no RV until at least late December or early 2016 sometime. Just way too much intel telling us it could not happen until this timeframe. So relax and stay calm. Stop screwing with everyone’s minds with this other “the sky is falling” type intel.
Article Follows
Suggested that a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, the introduction of new currency to address the economic crisis.
Said Abdul Salam al-Maliki, told all of Iraq [where], “What emphasize it is that the plans laid down by the state in connection with the processors need more than being a cash transaction process in the field of investment or encourage industrial aspects, agricultural, for example, the state today is able to change the status of currency for Iraq, even if it poses a new currency to address the economic crisis, as did Iran that the dollar hit in two and strengthen the Iraqi dinar capability by introducing a new currency and this process be local as solutions pots so the state can address the confusing economic situation, “adding that” We have a war and Daash low oil prices and fluctuations in the global market, in addition to Iraq yard States is importing everything he needs real solutions.
“” It’s supposed to be in charge of the fee fiscal policy owner of a strong and courageous decision in this matter, either the survival of the situation for what it is we will only sustain great economic crisis and we have concerns about this, “he said, adding” We are today in the process of real processors placed by drawing correct fiscal policy to rely on the experiences of countries.
“Maliki reiterated that” the country’s imports should not rely on oil only,(and it no longer does if you believe reports of the HCL being updated my words here okay?) on the grounds that we are in a country Rei, depends on the sale of oil to pay off the dues of salaries and debt and other, but this requires the diversification of the state’s resources, whether in the imposition of fees or taxes or customs, and the introduction of foreign investment.
“He noted that” the state dependent on foreign loans if they dropped the price of a barrel of oil and that the state will carry debts weigh heavily on the budget, as the interest on the foreign debt rate large, so the strengthening of the country’s imports can be through industrial and agricultural side development and activating the role of the private sector.
“The member of the Committee of Economy in Parliament, said that” strengthening the Iraqi economy plans are not a contingency plan but are treatments plans, and some of them needs time, today we are going to fast processors new reformist Kalhzmh which included the benefit of the central bank on loans granted to citizens through five trillion, and the State confirmed to banking facilities as well as the promotion of industrial and agricultural sides and activating the customs tariff.
“He continued,” We are going to Activating this matter, but he needs to processors is not built on the basis of a quick and prosthesis solutions, but need real solutions and this will open a new page of the theme of strengthening the Iraqi economy.
“He was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Sarhan Ahmad, said yesterday that” Iraq is on the verge of bankruptcy and economic abyss big.
“and between Ahmed’s [where], that” the oil revenues that have prevented the collapse of Iraq’s economy to a level that leads to bankruptcy, “adding,” We have Iraqi leaders aware of this issue in all its aspects, if not arrested on the mischief and thrown in prisons and the eradication of corruption and the recovery of the stolen money can not be for Iraq to recover from its economic crisis.
“He noted that” the crisis will continue and the situation will continue in the collapse of the economy to the extent that leads to enable the State to perform salaries and distributed only if Iraq has not economic steps strategy serious long Range is on the verge of economic collapse and bankruptcy unless Find corrupt and re-Iraqi hopes that escaped abroad “.
Article Ends
Fighting ISIS
The USA is about to crank up efforts seriously to fight and clean Iraq of ISIS. Stay tuned for more information. This is going to get real interesting real quick. They must make a major push on ISIS since it is coming down to the wire and security may become the sole issues holding back the RV if not addressed now.
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All.

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