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The broken record is playing once again and Iraq is resolving their corruption and terrorist issues, but this is the stage Iraq is in right now. It has taken some time but it is sure progress. I can assure everyone reading this news letter today that one thing in life that is certain and that is change. Change is inevitable and will occur in Iraq. What I mean by this is this whole mess in Iraq is about to end once the Iranian puppets are gone. We are about to see this happen.
News today from some sources are saying that an RV is imminent but the data I have tells me this is not the case and will not happen until a Dec or Jan timeframe. Again this is only a possible timeframe that seems to me and others could be feasible. Could my data be wrong? Certainly and I hope it is but if you have been studying Iraq as long as I have, know the politics and the overall plan since last June, you too would then know there is no way the RV could happen now.
Many say I am too negative and don’t even like to read my news letters anymore. Since when is being in the reality and truth so negative?  Many of these same “guru’s are faith driven conference calls and forums too. Go wonder then why they have no respect for the truth. Don’t they base their entire projects on truth? Do they really or are these just another set of scams waiting for you too post RV? True colors of anyone eventually come to the surface.
Today’s News
Today is Saturday October 24th and still no RV. Can we expect to see an RV soon?
No! I can tell you with all my heart and soul there will be NO RV until at least December or early January 2016.
I too am hearing windows for an RV of around 10/20 onward but I disregard with these timelines because I know  Iraq and I know the direction they want to move versus what is being shoved down their throat by the USA and the UN. So there is a sovereignty issue and this comes into play as Iraq wants to do things “their way”
However we have seen there is usually the longer and more time consuming way.
What makes my news letter much more informative is I take a very logical approach to giving you the news. I know about all this other stuff you are hearing. I Heard it too, been there and done it. I too was guilty in the past of unintentionally passing on misinformation on to you, but now I know better.
Some sources out there still try to pump me with this misinformation. But the difference between them and what I bring to the table now is I know better now and use my God given common sense to simply ignore those sources. After all, their form of the news just never panned out and the RV windows came and went in the past.
So I had to ask myself what is really going on? Why so many RV windows. In researching I have found out that these windows are just “proposed” targets. These targets are opportunities to be executed based on timelines for events to happen. The RV will be executed when and if these other events occur.
So nothing is certain.
My problem with some of these so called intel “gurus” is that they tell you about these windows as a matter of fact. They hype you up as if they are so certain the RV will happen.. The amounts to nothing more than a heightened anxiety and stress. The same old roller coaster ride each week.
The very funny part all this is this has been going on now for years now and they have not learned or try to learn more about why these RV windows are there and to relate it to other information coming from Iraq. This is very hard for them to do since they base all their so called intel each week almost solely on hyping you up over these pending RV windows and don’t bother to research why it simply could not happen.
So today I have learned my lessons and I take these windows of RV opportunity and weight it against what other news I am hearing. I do pay a lot of attention to the ISIS fighting, the needed laws and balance it to the overall plan and timeline I have been told.
I do not worry about “bank screens” or “speeches in the Iraqi mosque” or “scheduled parties in Iraq” since they ever been accurate and just used as accuses rather than FACTS to hype everyone up each week.
If you don’t understand what I mean let me explain it in an example to you.
There has been many times my friends from Iraq have called me and told me about some scheduled celebrations in his province in Iraq. In  the very same week they told the people in the mosque that they would see “what was coming to them in the coming days”. At this time there was also an RV window given to me by my US treasury sources.
So what did I do?
Did I use the celebrations and the speeches in the mosque to heighten the hype and justify the RV?  Thus getting on my news letter and bragging to you the sky is falling,  the sky is falling (meaning  its going to RV).
No I learned instead to ask more questions and find out what was really happening-
What are the celebrations really for? Is there an upcoming holiday in Iraq? What I found was that 100% of the time these were for an upcoming holiday.
About the mosque speeches – A 100% of the time they were talking about  the 90 day overdue payment of salaries and pensions and not the RV when they said – “What was coming to them in the coming days”. So I learned that most Iraqi citizens are  not even following this RV saga. Instead they are much more worried about not being blown up in the streets or how they are going to feed their family tonight.
Then I began researching these RV windows and learned they are nothing but the results of high level meeting that meets a couple times a week. They call into Iraq and then decide if and when they might RV. The RV is not the focal point of the meeting but rather they talk about progress and a whole long list of issues. If they decide to issue a “RV window” they simply alert everyone and it flows down to the banks, etc.. It is that simple.
So do you get my point? It is easy to make a lot of hype over nothing and you certainly can do this if you want to. It is all up to how you chose to use the information you receive. You can be very subjective or lazy and just take it and slant it the way YOU want to represent it. Then bring to this investment community.
Instead I take all the info –  the past and present articles, word of mouth from sources, the RV windows,  US treasury info, bank info and evaluate it. It gives me pretty good feeling for the pulse of what is about to happen.
So if you ask me to justify my reasoning for an early 2016 date I can tell you. If fact if you have to ask me it only tells me you have not been reading my news letters and have no business challenging me on this topic. They read the 100’s of past articles to catch up on the news. Read my 50+ news letters where I explained the news as it related othe overall currency reform plan. Oh – but you can’t be bothered? Too lazy?
If you did all this then maybe you can tell me if you still believe we will see an RV by 10/25 (which is tomorrow).
Some say I have not given you any evidence to back up my claim. Really! How much evidence do you want?
Do you want more speeches from the mosque or more bank screens?
I encourage everyone who feels this way to take the time, put down the brandy and stop smoking the cigars. This greatly effects your memory.
Many bashed Mnt Goat back in early spring 2015 and claimed the RV would never, ever  reach June timeframe. Really I said then.
So if  you want to know why I said this back then as to why it would never reach June then go read my news letters dating back to this period. Get off you butts and go read my 50+ news letters since last June (LINK) and maybe you can get your facts straight about what I really said and how I come to the conclusion of a late 2015, early 2016 timeframe. It is an ongoing sage and how many times do I start off my news letter telling you this.
Maybe then if you did this instead of relying so much on “call centers being manned” or “bank screens with messages across the screens” you too would know the truth and stop passing on this nonsense to your readers. Just remember that those that laugh the loudest and the hardest and not usually those that have the last laugh.
Folks you must remember back to last spring – last March thru May when then I told you to ignore these windows for an RV. I did back up my reasoning with sound and solid information. I told you at that time there was an upcoming second Paris Conference not even scheduled until mid June.
So why would they RV in March, April, May or even in June when they haven’t even completed their  evaluation Iraq’s progress since Abadi took over the government? ISIS was going full blast and taking over many of the oil wells as well as many of the government offices throughout Anbar, Mosul,. etc.. Go back and re-read my news letters (LINK) from this period. Its all there in black and white.
Oh – but you can’t be bothered to know the facts or take the time to read.  Oh I know – you would rather just have fun bashing Mnt Goat instead!
Then I told you that out of this second conference came a list of issues that still needed addressing. Abadi was given a 90 day period to complete them, meaning to get the laws done and implement the laws. So then mid Sept came a possible period for an RV window. So what did we hear then? The UST came up with an RV window just about this time. Then there was no RV?  Why? BECAUSE IRAQ DID NOT MAKE GOOD ON THEIR OBJECTIVES FOR THE NEGOTIATED TIMELINE!
Then they gave another 30 day extension (to mid Oct) and still the issues are not completed. But the UST once again issued another window for an RV and off everyone went with hype. However if you were paying attention to the truth and what was really happening in Iraq (getting off your lazy butts) you would have known that there was not a chance to RV during this window either. Maybe if you read the news from Iraq you would have had more common sense than to pass on your garbage intel to these fine dinarians.
So now once again a new RV window was issued (10/20 -10/25). So do you believe it will happen?
These windows will go on and on until Iraq meets ALL their obligations. I do not know how else to tell you this. The US treasury (under direction from the USA Whitehouse) will simply keep finding a reason to postpone the RV until two things occur: 1) the very wealthy are all done feasting on it 2) the USA simply can not hold it back anymore since it will greatly impact future plans for Iraq.
I am not disputing that these RV windows are real. This is not my point.
In fact I know that these windows do exist and are issued.
However, what I am telling you is this  information makes no sense to pass on to the general public since it is all very relative and should NOT BE PASSED OUT TO YOU unless they give you all the FACTS to go along with it and not just use these dates to hype you all up.
Boy oh boy some of these so called gurus really don’t get what is happening in Iraq. Did we not read that the protestors going back to the 2013 demonstrations that they listed their demands. What was on the top of their demand list?
It was of course – Maliki’s head on a platter? After all is this not also why so many good Sunni citizens are jumping ship and going over to fight with ISIS. Is this because they feel this is the only recourse to improve the politics of Iraq (getting rid of Iranian influence). So how do they stop this?  Is this not part of the entire cycle of violence and terrorism in Iraq? How do you separate one without cleaning up the cause of it in the first place?  It is all connected as I keep telling you. There is no EASY solution as some want you to believe. No ONE EVENT can solve the mess Iraq is in. They just have to keep plugging away at it until it gets to a point of needed security and stability.
So when will they obtain this needed SECURITY and STABILITY?
No one really knows for sure, but they do set targets and they are only targets. These RV windows of opportunity are just targets and nothing more. I don’t care how “excited” everyone is or what the “bank” screens are showing. It is all done in preparation for the RV but the RV will  not occur until these other matter are addressed.
Remember this – the definition of insanity –
“Someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over again, same conditions, the same negative results, but expects something different (positive results) each time”.
So how many people are out in this dinar community listening to these calls over and over again expecting an RV each week?
Article Begins
AGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and parliament speaker stressed the importance of coordination and hard work between the executive and legislative branches and continue along the reform packages and to fight administrative corruption.
This came during a meeting with the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, head of his office in the House of Representatives, Dr. Salim al.
A statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as “During the meeting, emphasizing the importance of sustaining the momentum of victories achieved in Anbar and Baiji and support our troops stationed in the land of the heroic battle.”
The Joint Special Operations Command announced that the army managed and supported by the Popular Liberation crowd of Baiji and the Po Maids forces and the role of the 600 Chinese and fully.
The statement noted that “it was stressed the need for hard work between the executive and legislative branches for the completion of projects that serve the citizens and continue along the reform packages in all political, economic, security and other sectors”.
Jubouri was stressed in a statement on Monday to respect the laws and the implementation of the development work of the parliament proceedings.
He said the cabinet statement said al-Abadi al-Jubouri and stressed “the importance of the unification of media discourse to meet the challenges taking place in the country in addition to the approval of the financial budget of the country in the light of the reduction of expenses and the country is witnessing a financial crisis due to lack of revenue due to lower global oil prices”.
During the meeting, emphasis on the fight against financial and administrative corruption and the return of displaced families to areas that have been edited.
Open: Mohammed Na
Article Ends

So in remembering these main items below you tell me if an RV is imminent:
Maliki and his goons and the Iranian influence must be out of politics completely and safely neutralized or no RV.
I don’t care what anyone else tells you this is the USA and UN’s process not mine. This stance has not changed a bit. The Parties Law becomes fully implemented at the end of Oct. The 90 grace period is over. Can they be waiting for this to occur since it eliminates any possibility of Maliki and many other alleged corrupted officials from being involved in the government again.
Have you especially noticed this week’s recent smear campaigne against Malkik? They seemed to have turned it up a couple notches. Are they getting ready to pluck him out soon?
Article Begins
Parliament foiled the efforts of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to get through the parliamentary immunity of deputies rejected the resignation of a coalition of state law to replace al-Maliki replaced in parliament.
She said parliamentary sources told the Saudi Okaz, that al-Maliki tried through the move to return to parliament in preparation for immunity to avoid prosecution for mistakes made in the covenant while he was prime minister for eight years.
Noting that the recent failure of the parliament to return to its membership would open the door to his trial in the wake of the parliamentary committee investigating the cause of the fall, which found him guilty of Mosul report
Article Ends
Of course this week we have seen negative feedback on Abadi to try to gently convince the people of Iraq that Abadi is no good and he is solely the fault for the lack of salary and pension payment delay and all the other financial issues. Here is the article and it is interesting reading. They have worded it to sound very legitimate. I would simply toss it all in the garbage after reading it since it is just the other side again trying to pull support from the Abadi government.
If you are one that has just begun taking the time to try to read the articles on you own, this is a typical example of an article that is pure garbage and has no merit. After all you should be trying to weed these out. After all you did ask me once how can you tell a good apple from a bad one. This is a bad one.
Article Begins: (phony article)
House of Representatives is heading next week to pull the mandate given to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the back of popular protests that started in August.
He revealed a parliamentary source, on Thursday, for the “provision of Deputies Finance Committee report to the President of the Council, Salim al about the implications of individual decisions taken by Abadi, under the pretext of the mandate given to him by the street and the House of Representatives,” noting that “talks between the parliamentary blocs took place this week in this regard, It seems to have gained a high degree of support, under the existing political differences between the blocks. “
The source said: “The MP Majda al-Tamimi vowed to collect signatures to question the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, on the back of his insistence on passing the new salary scale,” stressing that “the next week’s session of the parliament will be a storm, especially as it has allocated to discuss the new salary scale.”
He added that “the President of the House of Representatives is facing a lawsuit by Abadi for not complying with the decision of the parliament staff, which was taken illegally and without returning to the Speaker of Parliament to reduce the salaries,” describing what is stated in some satellite channels from denial to the lawsuit as “reflects the poor performance of staff Abadi, who are mostly ignorant of what is decided by the Prime Minister every day. “
“The case is at an advanced stage, and began the legal department at the Council examined”.
The salary scale is witnessing significant differences between the legislative and executive branches, see The former decision handed new salary “injustice” against a wide layer of staff, while the other sees as a starter justice and equality among all state employees.
Article Ends
ISIS must be cleared enough to regain the oil fields and major cities before any RV. The new Iraqi counter terrorism groups (or National Guard) must get stronger, more trained and then be able to be deployed and useful.
Iraq must have their National Unification (or Reconciliation) Conference before any RV. They have already told us when they are planning to have it. I have told you in previous news letters why this conference is needed and what it will do for Iraq. It has not changed a bit. It is not even scheduled until late December early Jan.
Banking and Investment strategies must be deployed or NO RV. Includes the Investment law and the new banking practices. We are hearing maybe the Investment law next week?
Article Begins
Article Ends
We can see Iraq working on the anti-money laundering already as they are now completing the audits of the second tier banks throughout the provinces.
So the BIG news this week in two fold. All eyes are watching for the Investment law to be passed in parliament this coming week.  Next we see the oil agreement. Again I will tell you calm down this is not HCl.
HCl is done. This is more about article 140, which guarantees that the disputed territories (oil rich territories) belong to Kudistan and not the Baghahd government and how the oil will be pumped and how the revenues can be shared if they go above the quotas for the budget.
Also, if you read my past news letters, I told you that this recent agreement was mostly about the process and formality as to how Kurdistan can sell above and beyond the quota to meet the current budget (and the Kurds 17% share).
Here is the issue: If the Kurds sell out beyond the quota in the budget do they just get the HCL 17% share of the oil revenues from this oil or can they keep the entire proceeds? Since they are part of Iraq,  parliament feels they should only get their 17%. Kurdistan feels they should keep all the profits.
They have done this in the past and parliament always makes a big deal about it and it starts the fighting all over again. So the Kurds wanted to settle this issue once and for all. This is the agreement they are now trying to get done.  Again this is not HCl but is closely aligned to it. They can RV without this agreement in place so don’t worry.
The government has hinted it seeks the transfer of the oil deal with the Kurdistan region, which is hereby given region, its share of the budget for fiscal 2016 by 17% file, to the House of Representatives.
A spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi: “The region’s share subject to the nature of the oil exports, in budget 2015 Select under the oil agreement that the province exported quantity of 550 000 barrels compared to the federal government’s commitment to giving him an amount of 17% after deducting expenses sovereign.
“However, to say,” but the reality of the situation the region did not abide by the roof of export and this is what made is unable to fulfill the budget of the provincial government did not send a full share but it was sent commensurate with the volume of oil exports in each month of the Kurdistan region. “
He stressed newborn “the need to find a consistent plan of action in the implementation of this agreement and this will be a matter present in the parliament a draft 2016 budget law discusses the need to be to reach an agreement in sessions Final through the House of Representatives because this is linked to the stability of Iraq and reconciliation between the political forces and unify efforts to fight terrorism.
“He stressed that” this will not be until it is determined the mechanism to deal with this issue and abide by it or not and if they do not get it, you will raise the quota for the province or not .. this is under discussion and can not take action right now.
“The Council of Ministers approved in its extraordinary past Sunday, the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 Act, in the amount of 106 trillion dinars, and a deficit estimated at 22.7 trillion dinars, or by 21 % of the total budget in which the oil export estimates built Bmadelha daily 3.6 million barrels, the price of the daily average of $ 45 a barrel.
Detection and Culture and Tourism Minister Faryad Roandzi allocate 12 trillion and 600 billion dinars as a share of the region of Kurdistan in the budget, “adding” Installing the region’s share amounting to 17 percent in the new budget, as opposed to be issued per day 550 000 barrels of oil region and Kirkuk through SOMO by the oil agreement “, calling at the same time, the delegation of the provincial government to Akaddjum quickly to Baghdad in order to sign a new agreement.”
As said a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Sabhan Suleiman, yesterday that the budget bill arrived at the Presidency of the Council of Representatives by the government to put on the agenda and approval. “
Article Ends
Update: Fight Against ISIS
Now we see the USA stepping up air strikes to prove to Iraq that influence from Russia is in fact not needed in Iraq. USA is apposed to any country joining the coalition forces in fight against ISIS that support or encourage terrorism. It is a very good stance and will prove itself a good policy on the part of the USA.
How long can Russia sustain their Syrian effort anyhow? They are on the verge of a financial collapse. Do you hear much about the USA protesting what they are doing in Syria? Only mostly about the rebel bombings but we know the Russian endeavor in Syria is short lived and the USA is going to let it run its course without making too much waves. Wait and see. Unless someone coughs up some money for these Russian air strikes they are going to end soon. The USA navy will fill this gap.
I also wonder that if in the long run this Russian aid is not going to give the USA more incentive to beef up and support the effort against ISIS even more. Incidentally did you read the article that the USA may be soon delivering military supplies directly to Kurdistan. This will help immensely in the fight against these occupied Iraqi regions for the Pershmerga.
Article Begins
It is  said Joint Task Force said in a statement on Wednesday that the coalition led by the United States carried out 14 air strike against al Daash in Iraq and focus bombing near the towns of Kisak and Sinjar.
The statement said that “six attacks near Kisak hit the facility for the preparation of car bombs, and also destroyed five locations for processing belonging to the organization, noting that” near Sinjar hit four strokes and tactical units also destroyed 14 locations combat and guns machine guns. “He added that” the alliance carried out on the same day four air strikes in Syria are all near Manbej, destroyed facilities for organizing strikes and locations and combat vehicle and the point of supply and also damaged four tactical units “.
Article Ends
Article Begins
Baghdad -arac Press October -21: A senior US general said the United States received assurances from Iraq, Tuesday, that he will not ask Russian air strikes against al Daash, pointing out that he warned Baghdad that any Russian role will hinder the air campaign that led America, under pressure on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
In contrast, members of the ruling National Coalition and armed Shiite factions enjoys considerable influence Reuters they urged the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider Abadi the request of the Russian launch air strikes against the Islamic state organization that controlled large areas of the country, he said.
And feel Abadi and his government and the armed factions were part of the popular crowd backed by Iran upset the pace and scope of the campaign waged by the United States against “Daash” and hint to their determination to resort to Moscow, which has alarmed Washington.
He said members of the Iraqi parliament that the prime minister is under “tremendous pressure” from the ruling National Coalition to ask for Russian intervention.
He pledged US General Joseph Dnford, who took over this month, the largest military official in the office of the US Army, searching for new ways to build momentum in the battle against al-Iraq Daash opposed the conflict that description at a standstill.
And it raised new Russian military intervention in Syria’s neighbor Iraq questions about whether the Russian campaign may extend to Iraq.
And Syria has become the scene of a competing air strikes carried out by the Cold War adversary. The United States bombed targets for Daash in Syria and Iraq over a year ago.
The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is under pressure to make progress in its war against Daash had said, in the first of October of this, that he would welcome a Russian air strikes in his country.
Gen. Donford said on his first visit to Iraq since he took office, on the first of October, said that al-Abadi and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi told him that they did not seek to seek the help of Russia.
He explained Donford small journalists traveling with him after the talks set to “I said it would make it very difficult for us to be able to offer this kind of support they need him if the Russians came here and also carried out the operations.”
“The defense minister and the prime minister said: ‘absolutely’. Now there is no demand from the Russians to support them and there is no reflection on Russians to support them and did not ask the Russians to come and carry out operations. “
Dnford also played center for the exchange of intelligence in Baghdad between Russia and Iran, Syria and Iraq, which raised questions about Moscow’s intentions in Iraq.
A senior official in the Iraqi parliament said last week that Baghdad had already begun bombing the Islamic state fighters with the help of a new intelligence center in Baghdad.
But Donford said that al-Obeidi told him during the closed-door talks in Baghdad intelligence center that has not worked so far.
He Donford “They said they do not do something now.”
Following a request from the Kurdistan region Dnford said his team is working to speed up the supply of ammunition for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
Dnford and talked about the possibility of strengthening the training of Iraqi agencies to combat terrorism, US officials said they led progress in Baiji, with the support of air strikes by US-led.
He also pointed to the need for new vehicles and equipment for them to deal with the bombs 
Article Ends
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All.

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