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Hello Everyone,

I know I may sound like a broken record about Iraq resolving this corruption and terrorist issue but this is the stage Iraq is in right now. It will take a couple more months to resolve. The progress is slow but sure.

You will see more major resistance to the reforms to come. It will be coming from those who have the most to lose including the  Dowa party, Shia Block, Maliki and his goons. However, the three presidents are staying firm and on track in the direction they need to lead the country. So far no assassinations of the “good guys” in this saga. This is the good news of today.

We need to have the “full” Reconciliation Conference. This will be the grand finale. RV about that timeframe.

This is the plan.
Today’s News

Today is Monday October 19th and still no RV. Can we expect to see an RV soon?

No! I can tell you with all my heart and soul there will be NO RV until at least early January 2016. Again I will say this is only if Iraq can meet and fulfill its promises as part of the future process and plans for Iraq. Can they maybe accomplish their commitments prior? Maybe but come-on folks! Let’s get real- Okay can we do that? Is Iraq ever on time?

Since when has Iraq ever accomplished anything on time, except maybe the anti-money laundering and terrorist law and this was a total amazement to all. So if they can do this then why can’t they always be on time? Sorry I do not have much faith in them as long as the Maliki syndrome is still present. It is part of the legislative bottleneck.

We are definitely now on track for an early 2016 opportunity. I have come to this conclusion now. We will not see any significant opportunity until this timeframe. Sorry folks, this is life and we must live with it. We can certainly not control Iraq but the UN and the USA can certainly try to prevent any major mistakes again. They will not let the RV go until they know darn well Iraq is ready.

You have to see it clearly now. Since the Maliki syndrome (this is what they call it in D.C.) they are being extra careful on how they handle Iraqi politics and are being forceful and more demanding of Iraq than ever before.

But they know they must handle this situation with “kid” gloves. The last thing they want is a bloody civil war and they almost had one too with many thousands of Sunni’s joining ISIS (who got the momentum going last year). ISIS did not just suddenly cross over into Iraq on June of 2014. The government of Maliki knew very well its presence was growing and would someday be a threat. Yet he did nothing to stop it. Why?

He knew he was losing support and probably would be forced out of the prime minister office for a third term. So ISIS was a tool he used. Something is his back pocket to try to manipulate  1)instruct  a coup de’etat to forcefully against the government; 2) start a civil war thus creating the needed chaos for a takeover. We  know the coup did not work and we see the slow dissolution of the ISIS threat.

The PTB are not going to let this country get out of hand again. I can assure you of this.

Why do I say not until early 2016?  I will tell you, but not because there will be those insisting on bashing Mnt Goat for bringing you the reality of the situation. I will tell you the news because I care about each and every one of you dinar holders out there. I know the news is confusing at times but it does not have to be. You have simply been listening to the wrong people.

In fact I have been telling you all along and leading you to a 2016 date only many of you can’t read or refuse to take some time out of your busy days to learn. This is not my fault. I have presented the evidence many times already.

Many will now  tell you I can not back up my claim with FACTS for this 2016 timeframe. They will tell you I am just all talk. Really?

Then what did I bring you in my last 50 news letters over these past 4 months if not FACTUAL information? It is not one single event as many want to peg to this RV situation. The RV is a culmination of having the level of stability needed. There are many factors involved and it is not as simple as looking as some bank screens for “pending” rates or hearing gossip from some important meeting.

Oh- but you didn’t take the time to read all my news letters? Can’t be bothered since they are too long? Oh- so you are now ready to bash Mnt Goat but in fact you really don’t even know what she had presented to you over these last four to five months. Shame on you!

So are you really concerned about the truth anyhow and just want to be bash, hype it up and get on that roller coaster ride again. Sorry no roller coaster here to get on. I will pass on all that nonsense.

No hype, No rumors, just the FACTS.

As I have stated before, I know the overall plan. I have been sharing this plan with you and have given you many golden nuggets and bits and pieces of it along the way. Have you been paying attention? There are more in today’s news letter.

So for all those that want the FACTS to backup my now FIRM claim that we will have to wait to at least early 2016 for any solid opportunity of an RV, - GO AND READ MY LAST 4 MONTHS OF NEWS LETTERS.

I have one prime example as to how these supposedly responsible people (so called intel “gurus”) bring you the news and put in their twisted nonsense to the news. So last week we read articles about the CBI offering gold to the citizens of Iraq. In articles they tell it is to assist in resolving the “liquidity” problem in the banks. Their words not mine. Nothing more. So how did this turn into a RV tactic all of a sudden. Let me explain this nonsense and put some clarity on it for you.
First lets talk about this liquidity problem. How many articles must we read on this topic before we understand it. I will put it to you simply. If the citizens have no money and there is little investment as in new businesses then  where is all the money for deposits in the banks going to come from? Did I mention too that most citizens don’t even trust the banks.
How many other articles must we read that the CBI is attempting to stimulate the banks by  shifting over billions for government loan money to small businesses and agriculture. To formulate a prosperous economy it does not just happen. You need to stimulate it and prime it but at some point it must take off. How many times can they keep priming it?

The people simply need money in their hands. The money can not just keep coming from government handouts (which are 3 months late now anyhow due to the economic crisis and budget deficits). So where will this money come from so the banks can loan it out. What are the quality of these loans too on the ones they do make? Are they investment loans or people trying to “survive” loans (loans to pay bills while they wait 3 months for the payment of salaries and pensions)?

Investment loans can increase yet more deposits in the banks as the businesses grow. Survival loans ultimately do not get repaid if the economy does not pick up. They drain the bank usually poor lending decisions.

Can you see the cycle Iraq is in?

Two important questions - How will the CBI increase the liquidity in the banks (increase the money to loan out) and  how will they increase the “quality” of the loans?   

They tried increasing revenues with the tariff and customs implementation. Just recently they admitted openly this will not succeed unless they have a significant increase in the value of their currency. (I too told you this when they first announced the tariffs).

Next they tried the sovereign bonds drive. This too could not work since they do not have a very good international credit rating and thus the needed payout is too high. So now we see them attempting another gold sell off. This is directly aimed now at bringing money to the banks instead of moving yet another billions more from the CBI.

Many have said this is aimed at pulling in yet more of the 3 zero notes in preparation for the RV. Really?

So what planet do you live on? Are we talking about the same articles here? I can assure you almost 90% of all 3 zero notes are gone already and out of circulation in Iraq. The economy is now running off of the US dollar. The IMF does not like this and is telling Iraq they have to Jan 1st 2016 to get off the US dollar or else.

In other words they are kicking Iraq in the pants and scolding them for taking so long in this conversion process from the old “provisional” post war currency to the new permanent middle east dinar.

So this gold offering will be purchased and paid for with US dollars NOT so much dinars. This is good and it will help to bring in the US dollars off the streets too but in the long run will have little impact on anything except to increase funding in the banks for more money for healthy business loans, thus increase bank liquidity.   

Everything is not about the RV!

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