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Hello Everyone.
This news letter today is mostly about the issues going on now in the Kurdistan Regional government and what the significance is to this ongoing RV saga.
It is a short one today but includes what you need to concentrate on this period.
As I have said many times in previous news letters, when we see repeatedly many articles about a subject matter in a short period of time – PAY ATTENTION. This news is VERY important!
So I decided to dedicate almost entire news letter to this subject matter since I believe it is that important.
Plain and simple- it is pressure, pressure and more pressure on the Abadi government to clean up the corruption and get these reforms implemented.
I know I may sound like a broken record but this is the stage Iraq is in right now. Major resistance to the reforms coming from those who have the most to lose from them (Dowa party, Shia Block, Maliki goons). However, the three presidents are staying firm on the direction they are leading the country. This is the good news of today.
So be prepared to read some major smear campaigns now against  Abadi, Barzani, Allawi, and other prominent officials who are trying to lead the country of Iraq and clean up this mess. Remember that at the end of any long term paradigm there will always be a desperate attempt to maintain status quo and so we see those desperate, those guilty of their crimes, now trying to hang on to their mafia like ways.
This is our challenge for finding these golden nuggets. We must see patterns and remember what we are told in the past news in order to connect it to current events. It is all interconnected and moving in the right direction.
We must learn to ignore this misinformation coming at us from many of these so called “secret” sources, who in fact know very little about the big picture and only hear rumors and then spread them as if gospel truth. Why would you believe them anyhow since they know no more than yourselves?  These are people who have their own agenda either that or they are simply ignorant people.
Today’s News
Today is Friday October 16th and still no RV. Can we expect to see an RV soon?
There are those usual weekly people who are telling you there will be an RV by Oct 20th  now and they are soooooooo sure this is it this time. Really? They make excuses for past alerts and ask you to now believe this is the time. Really? They are now swearing by their reality. Really? Who’s reality? How many times must everyone be fooled by these people until you get wise their warped sense of reality. What planet do they come from? I keep telling everyone these are nothing more than windows of opportunity and much depends on accomplishments to fullfill them.
So is Iraq ready?
They give justification to their intel in that “they are living in the moment”. You do want intel that is in the moment don’t you? They ask? I say just who’s moment of who’s reality is it?
However they will not give you any proof of the pending RV this weekend and will not tell you why they feel that way. They tell you they have been asked not to give details. Really? Do you want to know a secret –
Do you actually have any details? How can you give details when in fact there are none to give? Bank Screens  again?
I have told everyone we will not see an RV until Maliki and his goons are cleaned up out of the government and this process of a new clean govt is underway. The Iraqi government must also be independent of Iranian influence and be able to operate as a truly sovereign nation. There are reforms being implemented and laws to support them. I stand firm on my conviction. This is a conviction and truth not conjecture !
Let me begin today by explaining to you all about  the recent commotion that is going on in the Kurdistan region. There is lots of garbage news also mixed in with the good news so be careful. So what do they have to calm down over, as Abadi it telling the demonstrators.
I will simply state this calamity is coming from only a few using a legal fact that President Masoud Barzani  is continuing on as the president of the region in contrary to the “Three Presidents” law that was recently passed in parliament. They calim this law must apply to all of Iraq if Kurdistan is to be part of Iraq.
They would luv to segment Kudistan from Iraq. Barzani supports unification. These evil and satanic elements in Iraq do not want this leader continuing and they see opportunity to create insurrection and chaos when they can. Remember these elements can NOT survive on love,  peace and security. Instead they need chaos and so anyone who can bring this kindness and calmness (thus ultimate peace) to the region must be bashed and  taken down or these evil elements can not succeed over the Kurdistan region. Can you see the battle going on over good and evil. It is now that obvious.
I simply refuse to give any energy to other negative news coming about as smear campaigns against president Barzani (as we see from the article below from a movement of Kurdish change, headed by Nechirvan Mustafa)  since I know the truth about Barzani. I have been following news on this guy now for 10  years. I have personally had the opportunity to listen to him speak and shake his hand in the past. I know this man.
I know he is a true leader and cares dearly for his Kurd brothers and sisters. Iran and ISIS is threatened most by any nationalism and patriotism that can bring the people of Iraq together as a nation. Barzani brings this to his people and we can compare and see this nationalism is what is missing most in the Baghdad government forces fighting ISIS as compared to the Pershmerga army.
Article Begins
> BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. stressed Fuad Masum, President
> of the Republic and the Council of Minister Haider al-Abadi,
> Thursday, on the importance of calming the situation in the
> Kurdistan region and to resort to dialogue and
> constitutional way to resolve outstanding differences.
> A statement from al-Abadi Office received / Baghdadi News /,
> copy of which was that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi,
> received this afternoon the President Fuad Masum,”
> explaining that “the meeting came to bless the victories
> achieved by the heroine of the armed forces stationed in the
> battlefield of the army and police federal and mobilize
> popular forces and the Peshmerga to the terrorist gangs
> Daash in Baiji, Anbar and the rest of the regions.”
> The statement added, “The two sides discussed the latest
> situation in the Kurdistan region,” stressing “the
> importance of calm and inviting political parties to resort
> to dialogue and constitutional and legal methods to resolve
> the outstanding differences between them,” noting that they
> “emphasized the support reforms and continuity and to work
> towards the elimination of corruption and corrupt “.anthy 21
Article Ends
Article Begins
> 10/15/2015
> Baghdad  the movement of Kurdish Change, headed by
> Nechirvan Mustafa Kurdistan regional president Massoud
> Barzani called on to give up his position to resolve the
> current political crisis in the region.
> The MP for the change Serwa Abdul Wahid told all of Iraq
> where, that “dictatorships in the Arab world ended today and
> that the Kurdistan region is pursuing a democratic approach
> and that Barzani leaves office the presidency” follows. 
Article Ends
Article Begins
> http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/141020155
> ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kurdistan region President
> Masoud Barzani discussed the region’s current political
> stalemate and the position of the Peshmerga on Wednesday
> with a Republican congressional delegation visiting Erbil,
> vowing to bring back political stability for the Kurdistan
> region.
> According to a statement issued by Barzani’s office, the
> republican delegates talked about the bravery, confidence
> and durability of the Kurdish Peshmerga and expressed their
> happiness to recent developments in the region.
> The US delegates met Barzani in his Erbil office on
> Wednesday. The delegation included US Ambassador to Iraq
> Stuart E. Jones, Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
> Senators Tom Cotton, Mike Rounds and Joni Ernst and US House
> Representative Andy Barr.
> “We appreciate the US-led coalition striking ISIS, and we
> are happy because air strikes have not inflicted any
> civilian casualties,” said Barzani according to the
> statement. “Our top priority is to stabilize the region,
> protect its elements and remove threats posed by ISIS.”
> Economic crisis, human losses and high expenditures due to
> the fight against ISIS “have strained our financial
> capabilities,” added Barzani. “At the end of the day, we
> will overcome all the crises and can solve our political
> stalemates too.”
> Kurdistan region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, former
> Iraq Deputy Prime Minister Roj Nouri, Kurdistan region
> presidency chief-of-staff Fuad Hussein and Falah Mustafa,
> the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s foreign
> relations department, accompanied Barzani in the meeting.

Article Ends
The 2016 Federal Budget for Iraq
I am presenting a section on this information today since I believe that there are needed laws that are dependent now on the application of the 2016 budget for Iraq. Maybe the Investment law is one of these laws? Do not many of these other laws too need significant funding? another example
National Guard law.
Below we see an article telling us why the budget it being held up and when we can expect to see some progress. So they are telling us that the council of ministers will hold a final meeting on the budget on Sunday in preparation for forwarding it to parliament for adoption. We can expect to see the 2016 budget bill having a first reading in parliament very soon and maybe a final vote sometime in early November.
Now I want to emphasis something that is very important.
Remember back in late 2014 when all these intel “gurus” talked about this budget and how it was going to get us the RV. They said that when and if they opened the budget they must first RV. Really? They needed to tie some event to the RV so this one they chose at this time.
Even as far as mid 2015 they still refused to believe that Iraq opened the budget, yet Iraq had been spending money and we witnessed them paying salaries, pensions, Pershmerga,  etc.. So where in hell did all this money come from? These gurus still persisted and told us they had not in fact opened the budget. Folks do you know just how ridiculous this all was back then? Do we have to experience this saga again now with the 2016 budget or are we going to get real this time?
So I say to all these so called intel “gurus” – learn what is truly happening in Iraq. HOW CAN IRAQ PAY THEIR BILLS AND OPERATE WITHOUT OPENING AND SPENDIING THEIR BUDGET? Why do you think they are doing a budget if not to spend it?
So be aware everyone that once again you will hear this that the RV is in the 2016 budget.
Believe me I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there is no dependence on the 2015 nor on the 2016 budget to RV.
Once again I will say the RV is a byproduct of the reforms, the fighting ISIS and other issues needed for Iraq to standalone and run itself as a viable democratic government. When there is enough stability the RV will simply pop out one day in the middle of the day or night and all will be surprised.
There will be some warning and we will hear some news from the CBI way ahead of time. Those that know what they are looking for will hear the CBI message and be aware of the impending RV. So today we have not heard of any news from the CBI and there are many, many issue still to be resolved in Iraq prior to any RV taking place. So relax and learn instead to spend your time reading and learning about the issues facing Iraq.
Having said this I am beginning to move in the direction again that the CBI has already told up when to look for the RV. They have told us last spring that that the “project to delete the zeroes” will be postponed until January early 2016.
But we refuse to believe it and bash anyone who brings it up. As we get closer to the date many will come onboard but that is always applying the term “seeing is believing”. These are those that have little faith and back- bone in general. They are spineless people. They are leaches. They do not take the time read the articles and have no idea what is going on in Iraq. They are lazy people. Instead they lead you dinarians on a wild goose over and over again on simple events that they inaccurately tie to an RV. Why would you even listen to them over and over again?
The National Reconciliation Conference is not even scheduled until December. So why would you think there would be any chance of an RV until at least this period. They have pushed this meeting out to this period in the HOPE of meeting this target date since they believe it would take AT LEAST until this timeframe so see the stability that is needed for currency reform. Does January 2016 sound more practical now?
Article Begins
> Twilight News / confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi,
> the need for the financial budget for 2016, accurate and
> realistic terms.
> This came during a crisis cell was held on Wednesday a
> meeting chaired by Abadi has been allocated to conduct a
> comprehensive review of the law of the general budget for
> 2016 in preparation for placing on the extraordinary meeting
> of the Council of Ministers which will be held next Sunday.
> The statement said al-Abbadi stressed the need for the
> financial budget and details of the terms of accuracy and
> realism and take into account the fiscal revenue projected
> for 2016 and secure the salaries and wages of civil servants
> and the armed and security forces and the popular crowd and
> retirees.
> Abadi pointed to the need to secure the necessary funds to
> cover the paragraphs on welfare of all kinds so as to
> maintain the standard of living of the categories covered by
> social welfare and poor classes of society in addition to
> the importance of armament to face Daash gangs and
> allocations peasants.
Article Ends

Article Begins
Press Release No. 15/472
October 15, 2015
> The International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Middle East
> Regional Technical Assistance Center (METAC) held a Regional
> Workshop on budget preparation at the Dead Sea, Jordan from
> October 12–15, 2015. It was attended by senior
> representatives of Finance and Planning Ministries from the
> Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In total, 23
> delegates from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait,
> Lebanon, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia and the West Bank and Gaza
> attended the workshop.
> The workshop focused on the techniques and processes
> required for successful preparation of annual and
> medium-term budgets in the context of governments’ fiscal
> policies and financial constraints. It also served as a
> platform for sharing the participating countries’
> experience of improving public sector efficiency and
> effectiveness, and for discussion of potential alternatives
> to overcome fiscal pressures.
> A highly participative approach was adopted, based on
> breakout group discussions and presentations in plenary
> sessions. Participants were encouraged to share their
> experiences and ideas, with a view to establishing a basis
> for continued knowledge sharing throughout the region.
> During the workshop, participants discussed the challenges
> their countries face in preparing medium-term macroeconomic
> and fiscal forecasts, formulating credible budgets, and
> improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public
> spending. Critical issues and risks—technical,
> institutional and political—that still need to be
> addressed were also discussed.
Article Ends
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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