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Thursday, October 8, 2015

MARTHA UPDATE : New clues to the roll out of RV, 8 OCT

From Martha…New clues to the roll out of RV

Today is 10/8 and China returns from Holiday and the way to the RV begins.

On yesterday's TNT call 2 things were revealed.

#1 a 3 letter agency had not signed off and we have a 48 hour window to start.
We have been told that as soon as Iraq is paid we would be a "go"

Now on the Landa call I learned that it was the IMF who, again is being controlled by the banking cabal , signed off/on last Friday but signed back on this past Monday… but treat as rumor since everything is being kept quiet.
Landa also said watch the FOREX for the rate change when it shows 3.41.
Next Tony states banks were told to be ready the LAST 10 DAYS OF THE MONTH FOR THE ? Public RV

Well this is going to be the slowest roll out but has to be because of all the accounting of over print of dinar, according to Landa Global.

Landa Global CC Replay 10-7-15
October 7, 2015 - Preparation Stage for Project Fundings - Syrian Refugee Crisis

#2 We are still considered private, aka the Internet group and as such we will go before the public.

Let’s look at dates. This weekend starts us into a holiday- Columbus Day on Monday, a perfect weekend to bring us to a mid- month RV but Iraq has already RV'D going back to 4/22/2015.

Now look at the 10 day banking time frame which starts 10/22 - the master number 22 a sign of completion, birth, rebirth and a sign of a person who is in control and "a great leader" like PM.ABADI.

This would make this a 6 month frame of the RV! (4-22 through 10-22)

Now enter Zap who says a little longer. The pp's with the release of the bonds will start the second week of October. We also know that the privates are being paid NOW.

We at TNT, Elmer and Iko as well as Isa have been the eyes and ears of the market movements and hopefully will continue the forward movement.

With all the education regarding the banking side, we should all be prepared to go fast.

Now we wait and watch for our turn. Our blessing is here and hopefully I can take a 2 week siesta after this is completed.

I hope this covers it. Please print.

Bruce will have a call tonight. but this lines up with what both Tony and Bruce have been saying.    Martha

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