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Thunderhawk:   US Economy Cannot Get Off the Ground – Media
There are renewed doubts that the Federal Reserve will be able to raise interest rates by the end of 2015, media reported.

Taking into account the fact that in September 2015 the gain in employment turned out to be far smaller than it was expected, experts are starting to doubt the strength of the US economy and the US Fed’s ability to raise interest rates by the end of the year.

The number of new jobs increased only by 142,000 last month compared to 203,000 previously estimated. Moreover, fewer jobs were created in August as well, while the unemployment rate remained the same and reached 5.1 percent.
Experts argue that the new unpleasant figures could lead the Fed to postpone the planned increase in interest rates.

According to DWN, the reason for such a surprisingly poor economic development could be the crisis of the world economy that started to slowly impact western markets after the sudden drop in oil prices.



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World's Biggest Currency Trader Says Weak Jobs Means Weak Dollar


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Dudley Says Work Needed on Tools to Avert Financial Crises

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley said U.S. policy makers are “a long way” from being able to identify developing risks to financial stability and act in time to prevent future crises.


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US May Accelerate Rise of China's Renminbi by Playing With Debt Ceiling

By playing with the debt ceiling Washington may accelerate the rise of a bipolar monetary order, American economist Samuel Rines notes, considering China's renminbi a "realistic" threat to the dollar.


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VIDEO: El-Erian: Oct. Fed Rate Hike Won't Happen

Mohamed El-Erian, Pimco's former chief executive officer and a Bloomberg View columnist, comments on what the September jobs report means for Federal Reserve monetary policy. He speaks with Bloomberg's Betty Liu on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)


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VIDEO: American Jobs Machine Sputters as Global Woes Chip at Growth

Global woes are starting to trip up the U.S. economy.
American employers added 142,000 workers to payrolls in September, less than the lowest estimate of 96 economists surveyed by Bloomberg, figures from the Labor Department showed Friday in Washington. The jobless rate held at a seven-year-low 5.1 percent as people left the labor force, wages stagnated and revisions cut the job count in prior months.


Thunderhawk:    Portuguese to Vote in First Parliamentary Elections After Exiting Bailout

Portuguese citizens will go to the polls on Sunday to elect a new government after surviving years of deeply unpopular austerity reforms imposed under incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho.



Thunderhawk:  Hammond: UK to Vote in Favor of Brexit if Brussels Grants No Reforms

If Brussels provides no guarantees of irreversible reforms, people in the United Kingdom will vote in favor of British exit from the European Union, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told The Telegraph.

LONDON (Sputnik) – A YouGov poll released earlier this week said that some 40 percent of Britons support exiting the European Union, against 38 percent who would vote to stay in the bloc. According to the poll, the number of Brexit supporters has reached its highest point since November 2014.

"That’s why the package will have to be a robust, substantial and irreversible package of change with proper binding legal force. Because if we try to put to the British people a package which is anything less, we will get a raspberry from them," Hammond warned on Friday.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to hold a so-called Brexit referendum by the end of 2017. Prior to the vote, Cameron is seeking to revise the terms of UK’s EU membership, including greater autonomy in defining national immigration policy.

"Between the Polish elections [at the end of October] and the December European Council, we expect there to be a significant step up in the level of activity of negotiation and discussion between us and our partners," Hammond said on Friday.

The Foreign Secretary warned that if the United Kingdom does not get the commitments it needs from the European Union, British voters will vote in favor of Brexit.

Hammond predicted that while the United Kingdom would most likely "survive" outside the European Union, it would be "economically damaging."

London-based Open Europe political think tank said in a Friday report that every fifth lawmaker in the UK Conservative Party, led by Cameron, is likely to vote for the country's exit from the European Union.



Thunderhawk:   AIIB complementary to ADB, World Bank: China's finance minister
China's finance minister said the planned Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), instead of being a competitor, will be compatible with established international lenders.

The AIIB will complement other multilateral financial institutions including the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank and bring mutual benefits to Asian countries and the world, finance minister Lou Jiwei told Xinhua on Friday.

Lou said the AIIB was proposed amid enormous demand for infrastructure investment in Asia and will not compete with existing organizations that aim to relieve poverty.



Thunderhawk:   AIIB closes Asian funding gaps

Xi Jinping's visit to the United States coincided with an article in the September 26th edition of The Economist about China's new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) -- one of many issues on which the United States and China have disagreed, albeit without the passion generated by cybersecurity and military issues.  http://china.org.cn/opinion/2015-10/03/content_36720873.htm

Walkingstick:  Indonesia to Be Eighth-Largest AIIB Shareholder With $672 Million Stake

Jakarta. Indonesia will sign up as a founding member of the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, with an investment of $672.1 million paid over five years, the Finance Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Indonesia will be the eighth-largest shareholder in the AIIB, the statement said, without detailing what percentage its share would represent. Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro is scheduled to travel to Beijing to sign the agreement on Monday.

The AIIB will begin with authorized capital of $50 billion, eventually to be raised to $100 billion.




Maritime Silk Road infrastructure will tie dynamic Southeast Asian and Indian Ocean countries together creating greater wealth, cooperation and economic growth.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) allocates at least $10 billion each year to infrastructure and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will begin lending next year with $50 billion of capital and 57 founding members.

We will spend two days at the bank's respective headquarters in Manila and Beijing and then follow the Maritime Silk Road to Hanoi, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. This trip will be led by Chartwell president Carlton Delfeld, former member of the executive board of the Asian Development Bank, investment banker, and US Treasury consultant on Asian infrastructure finance.



Thunderhawk:   BP executives visit Iran seeking return after sanctions end

“BP has met with oil industry officials in Iran recently,” a company spokesman said in an e-mail. “The details of those discussions are confidential. We have said for some time that we would be interested in reviewing opportunities in Iran once sanctions permit it.”

Thunderhawk:   MP: Emerging Signs of Iran Winning Back Pre-Sanctions Oil Market Share

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran will push for regaining its share at the global oil markets in the post-sanctions era, a senior lawmaker said adding that an increasing number of visiting foreign delegations are expressing their interest in Iran’s oil and energy industry.

Thunderhawk:  How Will the $73 Billion Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Impact U.S. Markets and Investors?


Thunderhawk:  Panama Canal Authority Completes USD 450M Bond Offering

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has raised USD 450 million from its first ever international bond offering to finance the completion of a third bridge over the Panama Canal.

The 20-year 4.950% bonds were priced at 98.232% plus accrued interest, if any, from October 1, 2015.



Thunderhawk:   Stronger China-US ties can benefit Africa: Zimbabwe minister

A seasoned diplomat and the cabinet minister of Zimbabwe said Africa could benefit from closer China-US cooperation as the heads of the world's two powerful nations met.


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