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w8tn4it2rv:  Question for Frank or anyone?

Frank it seems you and your teams are saying the next step is the completion of the laws in the Gazette.

Question though: most of the laws this entire year have only had two readings because they need funding. Since the laws have only had 2 readings due to funding, how can the laws come before the rate.


Millie:  Frank, Good morning. Ive been seeing numerous postings about the rate needing to come first before the laws, so my thoughts and question concerning this is....

Could it be that these Laws, "Have Already been funded"?

These are laws that are needed, but apparently are not Active laws and are only waiting on the lifting of zero's, or the push of a button from DRS for them to become ACTIVE LAWs with the RATE already inside??

It looks to me like these two pieces (Laws and Rate), go hand in hand and will be implemented simultaneously.

IMO, is this why the passing of the laws are more readily discussed and not a date or a rate, for within this lies the date and rate? Yes...No


Frank26:  Your question is based off of last night's TEAM CHAT CC............... And That info is what we study ......... Cook. Not to be discussed yet.

BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am feeling responsible for the way our BUSS CC ended last night. We lost the hookup at the very end.

BUT ........... It was my intentions to Share some Dessert. Maybe even cover Your question.

So allow me to do two things right now:

1.) There will be NOTHING ............ for the next 3 to 4 days .......... Of interest.  Articles will come out but not the ones we seek.

2.) We have conquered the FIRST 3's. UNDERSTAND THIS !!! Because on MONDAY'S CC i will present THE NEXT 1 ... 2 ... 3 steps that are ........... RUNNING.

As for Your question .......... "how can the laws come before the rate". LAWS that we have begged for are ALIVE and well. They too are good soldiers attending to their post and READY for ACTION. AND ............. LAWS do not need funding ......... They need WORDS. Then these WORDS activate The Funding once DRS lifts 1 ... 2 ... or 3 ZEROS.

Ta Da.

Every MONDAY CC is packed with info .......... Lately they have overflowed to the point where we can not share all. Due to Not enough time nor evidence for YOU yet.

There was a Good Reason for our EMERGENCY STAFF CC this week. But even that info is now ........ Old.

i promise ............ To give much next Monday.

TINK and i go EVERY Friday to be with our daughter's family ....... It's an hour drive. i return calls during that ride.
But today i will stare out the window thinking about men and women that have climbed Mt Everest. Those that have told the story of the climb to those that are frozen in time on top of her. Why do they do this to their bodies ...... There families?
Why endure so much agony and pain? How is it that a human can be super natural in their want to survive and conquer?

i don't know ........... And somehow i can relate. For i too have gone thru a lot to finally stand on the MR Ground that i find myself on. It is not a ledge ....... It is not a weak hold ........ IT'S BEAUTIFUL this wondrous sight atop the International World. I AM ALIVE !!!

It took so long ........... Am so tired ......... Am so grateful Lord....... Amen.

Sad it was too Family .............. With so many bad people......... On both sides.

You see it took TIME to show some BOZOS ......... One does NOT spit into the well that You are offered a drink from......... For that drink in the ME is THE DIFFERENCE between living or ........... Not.

ALOHA FRIDAY KTFA FAMILY ..............KTFA    Frank


Walkingstick:  Parliamentary Finance: Abadi told us not to touch the 2016 budget expenses

Friday 2 October 2015 13:53

parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed Friday that the fiscal deficit to the draft financial budget law for 2016 "is contrary to international standards", among the prime minister Haider al-Abadi informed the Commission that it could not prejudice the expenses of the budget. The decision of the Committee MP Ahmad Haji Rashid said in an interview for Alsumaria News,

"It is supposed to reach the financial budget for 2016 to the House of Representatives the tenth of the month of October of this day," explaining that "where a fictional budget figures and the proportion of the deficit reached 29 trillion Iraqi dinars."

He said Rashid, that "this gap is large and contrary to the international financial norms that the deficit does not exceed 15%, but the budget of 2016 exceeded 28%." He said Rashid, that "the powers of the parliamentary finance committee is to reduce expenses and transfers between the doors, but the prime Alorza told us not to touch her, and told us that the government lowered them to the fullest extent possible.

"The Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday (September 28 2015) that the strategic direction the state towards the private sector, as pointed out the budget in 2016 is designed to borrow a little filling too much debt.

The Ministry of Finance announced, in (15 September 2015) for submission draft 2016 budget law to the cabinet, while confirming the importance of transparency and compliance with legal and constitutional Baltoukitat time in approval, she pointed out that the drafting of the budget was based on the reduction of public expenditure and the fight against waste and waste in state revenues and diversify sources National income in the country. LINK


Frank26:  You need to recognize !!!!!!!!!!!! (Regarding Article Above)

You need to Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a Commander giving commands and they are being followed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KTFA   Frank

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