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FRANK:   Ok … let’s begin. 1, 2, 3 is over.

We had an emergency meeting with our staff and I told them that the events are about to happen and will occur before a particular date. We have a date that we are watching for things to happen.

Tonight we present another 1, 2, 3.
What was the original 1,2,3?


The new policy that we presented to you in April … that the US would apply to the middle-east is now very apparent.

A new philosophy has emerged in the middle-east.

We need to make money. Who is “we?” (The world).

The many “hush-hush” meetings took place between international countries … some thing were put on hold until things were in place.

About 3 weeks ago we told you that you will start to witness HISTORICAL things in Iraq.

China is helping … 8,000 Chinese troops. These are highly-trained soldiers … biblically … this is huge!

The events of this world are coming … and you better be ready … ready for God’s kingdom.

Who would have thought that a communist country would be interested in “SECURITY?”

What was #2? – LAWS

Many laws have passed … and some are “waiting” in line.

Do you think these laws are waiting on the TopShelf -- just waiting?

What was #3? -- Dr. Shabibi will return to the CBI.

Amazing … Dr. Shabibi talked loudly and pointed his finger at Maliki … and the following day, Abadi does the same thing. They are one in thought/direction.

ALL CORRUPTION from the CBI is gone!!! Why do you think he’s [Shabibi] there (in my opinion)?

The GOI is moving people left and right. The laws that have been passed are being used to move these GOI officials.

I feel very, very confident about the advancement of the monetary reform so I called an emergency meeting with my staff.

You know the moving sidewalks at the airport? The monetary reform is now outpacing my team – it’s amazing how fast things are occurring at the same time.

The 1, 2, 3 has been very successful. Many changes happening right now.

The middle-east is freeing itself of terrorism and corruption.

We have a date that we believe that we will see 3 more things – it is the date when Dr. Shabibi will be back at the helm of the CBI calling the shots.

Here’s an example … Abadi a few days ago said that Maliki was a bad-man and he needed to clean out his desk in 48 hours. Right after that … (our teams tell us) … that Abadi went to pick up Dr. S … to have a meeting where they could be protected … and Abadi said that he wanted certain things “done” – and they were done instantly. We believe that Dr. Shabibi will be at the helm by a certain date. The GOI understand and obeys. No bickering, fighting – nothing. It was done.
You already know that Dr. Shabibi has the authority to “lift the value” – but when?

You are going to like the new 1, 2 and 3.

Delta will not be joining us tonight because our Teams tell us that we will not see anything this week, because the monetary reform is being beaten out of a paper-bag right now.

The IMF gave Dr. Shabibi the GREEN LIGHT (back in April) … and in that time period Dr. Shabibi wanted to do this back in July … but there was not enough SECURITY to do it. On September 16th the Finance Committee (of the GOI) came out and said they had passed laws … and said that the new 50’s and 100’s would be coming out.

They were ready then … but the timing wasn’t right. Is the timing better now? MUCH BETTER!!!

Here is the NEW 1, 2 and 3 …

#1 – The LAWS must be put in a public forum … THE GAZETTE to be announced to the world. Until then, the laws will be used behind closed doors.

#2 – in my opinion, I’ve told you that lower denoms are being held on the east-coast of the USA. We need to see the lower denoms MOVE to the middle-east. The banks [in Iraq] have been set-up. First of all it will be an RI inside of Iraq. Will we know when then move? Will we share that info?

#3 – “Lucy, I’m home!” In other words … (Dr. S) is back at the helm). TA-DA!!!

There will be great SECURITY … no Maliki!!!

As far as the other villains? We’ll see what happens. Have you seen Allak?

The NEW 1, 2, and 3 should have occurred BEFORE the date that we are studying.

So … here is #4 … “Dr. Shabibi … will you lift 1, 2 or 3 zeros?” What will he do.

If he introduces the new 50’s and the 100’s … that’s about $43 … which would make the rate around 83 cents.

If he doesn’t make it 83 cents … perhaps 1 dinar to 1 USD … one-to-one.

They don’t need the lower denoms if they are going to lift the zeros … they could bring those out much later.

If they lift ONE zero … a 1,000 would be 100 … that would be 50 dollars worth.

So if they moved the decimal point over 3 places … (based on the history of Kuwait – they came out too early – which was ridiculous). I don’t think they’ll do that in Iraq.

Would Dr. Shabibi “free-float” the dinar? I don’t think so … because they would come out around 10 cents … and that would be too damaging to the currency.
Right now Iraq only exports oil … and you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Before the end of 2015 … I believe that Dr. Shabibi needs to make a move on the IQD.

Remember what Dr. Shabibi was doing at the CBI before he “left” – (he left because he was accused falsely and he had to leave).

We believe that BEFORE the end of 2015 … we believe that Dr. Shabibi will pop out his head.

You do know that the GREEN ZONE in Iraq is now open, right?

I love the SECURITY in Iraq!

What Iraq wants to do now is MAKE MONEY … like you have never seen before!

Look at the forces in the middle-east (some are our past enemies – China, Russia, Iran) – now working with us!

Maliki got caught trying to buy three buildings in London – but he was shut-down!

So, Dr. Shabibi … what will you do?

Russia is showing their strength against our President (who has a weak foreign policy towards the middle-east). Obama has great charisma … but the middle-east doesn’t respect him. The middle-east doesn’t want him over there. I respect the Presidency of the United States … but I don’t agree with O’s policies.

The banks in Iraq said that they are ready to do wire-transfers. Before, they had to go to the CBI … but no more … they can do transfers outside of the country. Do you know what that SCREAMS??!!! This is amazing!

I should have added into the looking of the date.

We need to see when Iran’s sanctions are lifted. I believe it will be October 8th or 9th -- oh my goodness … once those sanctions are lifted … the entire middle-east will be making money with Iran.

The money-laundering law … and the lower denoms … I think we will see those come out BEFORE the date that we discussed with our staff.

The English and Arabic websites have changed. The pattern has been broken.

It’s not just Dr. Shabibi … it’s the board-of-directors of Iraq who said that they will release the lower denoms BEFORE the end of 2015.

If there is a DYNAMIC change … you will see it in OIL. Are you with me?

WTI closed in the 40 dollar range. We told you that the price of oil would go down. That doesn’t happen during summer month. We believe that is about to be reversed due to the monetary reform. Oil is what will fuel this reform – (in my opinion).

I think you’ll start to see oil go up next week.

In my opinion … there are LAWS we will need to see in the Gazette.

If these laws are not implemented quick enough in 2015 and introduced to the International world … then I believe that in my opinion … Abadi may sign an executive order to release the National Guard Law … and IF we see evidence of that (and the date we are watching) … that will be fantastic!

Dr. Shabibi needs to announce this internally and externally.

Did you know that Allak and Maliki were cousins? Humm.

The CBI was flushed of corruption!

They can’t take care of the outside (you family) until they take of the inside. Dr. Shabibi is “ready to play ball!”

This must succeed without any terrorism at all. Between now and “this date” – we are going to see the end of SECURITY come forth. You will see Maliki “picked-up.”

You will see 3 new Vice Presidents (the old ones were replaced).

You will see the new LAWS … investment laws, anti-money laundering laws etc.

The CBI is secure. The military knows what I mean by “SECURE” – don’t you. No more boogie-man!

Allawi was walking around thinking his position was secure. Well … the joke is on him.

Allawi is up to his neck in embezzlement. He does NOT have a position in the CBI!!!

You will see who the 3 new Vice Presidents are very soon.

Has amnesty expired for Maliki? (in our opinion … yes!)

Hey China, Iran … you guys are happy aren’t you? LOL!!!

Abadi has Executive Orders to invoke certain laws. He had 48 hours to do that.

Over 500 files were sent to the Judiciary and over 2,000 names were on that list. That’s a lot of bad people … and it included 13 ministers in the GOI. WOW! They will be gone … and Maliki was one of them!

The Defense Minister is in trouble. He was in trouble – in front of parliament and questioned and will be taken into custody afterwards. Wow! This is the latest news that just came in 1 hour ago.

If Maliki is arrested … if the 13 Ministers are arrested before this “date” --- then you will see things move fast and boldly!

Not this week … Dr. Shabibi will not come back this week … but Maliki is being taken care of as well as certain judges.

The Supreme Court Judge (who files charges falsely against Shabibi) is being removed.

These are Abadi’s orders! I’m as excited as you are. Do you see the chain of command? We have a true Commander and Chief in Iraq now!
One of the judges who told the corrupt judge that he couldn’t remove Shabibi was removed by the corrupt judge. He will be coming back.
They have removed all computers from Maliki’s palaces.

48 hour Executive Order … what for? (We believe the National Guard Law) – if this happens – this could move the “date” up that we talked about with our staff.
Abadi issued all those in question to be removed now!

Watch Abadi this week. You won’t see Shabibi this week.

If they “RI” – the reformation of the currency can be done at any time because they already have the IMF approval.

Iraq can do anything they want through the IMF once they have the permission.

#4 – when this kicks-in … Dr. Shabibi can put in whatever rate he wants.

Do not worry about the 1st or the 15th of the month. They can release their currency from “bankruptcy” at any time! Iraq is at full-speed!

The reforms are actually being called “projects” by the GOICBI.

Iraq is credited (already released) … the Iraqi Air Force was victorious they blew up a cave of stored of ISIS cache weapons. They look like a force that can defend their country!!!

Please pray for me and my wife. It’s not easy to lead. People want you to be perfect all of the time. In 8 years, I’ve exploded twice in efforts to defend KTFA.

I don’t know who shut-down our forum today. I don’t want to worry about it. Let’s just move forward. When God wants the forum back up … it will be up.

CC ended in prayer.

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