Thursday, October 15, 2015


 Iko post Forex is a private institution, created by big clients to service their needs, not ours. They can lie all the way to the moon if they want. Or they can play it straight, or play straight one hour and lie the next. This is why you want several sources of intel.

Iko Ward :Iko post This is where we all have to stay calm and focused. The good news is we are among the first to exchange; the bad news is there may be a bit if a vacuum the first few days except for what the banks are telling us. Remember...you have time to make decision. Remember, the current rates are still a god send. Greed can get you in trouble real fast.

Iko post So Forex is now doing what we were looking for, increasing the rate on a daily basis. CBI won't do anything until after the RV and Forex may even give out false info.

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