Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Highlights from The Big Call Tonight (6 OCT ), 7 OCT

Highlights from The Big Call Tonight:

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller question, can we get idea this exchange about to happen when we hear about trns?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: trns back up the Dollar we are in a digital transaction

Downsouth:  Allegedly, TRN's are asset backed and will be part of the US Treasury. Allegedly the FRN, Federal Reserve notes are issued by the private corp. aka Federal Reserve and are not asset backed. So, if the dinar revalues based on its countrie's assets, then to keep the US dollar from crashing, it needs some kind of asset backed status--hence TRN.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller forex showing 1098.2, heard expect it to happen at 1085, can you comment on it? Bruce: i heard same thing, idk if the absolutely the case, may happen, idk

  Bruce call: caller question: About Zim, what about the artile about Zimbabwe? Bruce: they do want us to exchange at a very attractive rate, we can go 13, 14 days with the exchange with the ZIM

Mangelo:  Bruce call: on Zim, remember the articles that come out are not for us. we know what is actually happening

  Bruce call: ZIM, not see rate at 32 cents. somewhere in the 22 cents to 23 cents rate for the ZIM

 Bruce call: Zim is still in the area of .22-.23 cents

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: banks online talking to each other, jocking for position to ready to go

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller question: dont understand how we are waiting for an RV when we are hearing it is going international rate for the Iraqi card?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: it has rv for Iraqi citizens, yes heard people have cards with the same rate, heard people in US with this card spending money since Wednesday

DinarDan4:  Good call....giving more info tonight than normal.....pray that it is so.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Iraq just waiting for the final go ahead before it is released internationally even though in country and international using these key cards. lets call it a domestic rate, a rate in country able to use on a debit card that works through the banking system

PinkRoses: Bruce caller: if a need in a hurry, if i have serveral currencies, can i go to a bank and exchange a currency right away, and still call a 800 number later? Bruce: yes you can do that. maybe use the currency you have least first, get in get out, then set appt with another bank with other currency

PinkRoses: Bruce call: each bank will have their own 800 number. you can get cashier check, fund current acct for what you need right away for breathing room
Bruce: spread out assets with maybe two banks or like last caller with 3 or 4 banks

: Bruce Call: based more on the amount. if you walkin with full suitcase, might be need receipts. i wouldnt volunteer to show reciepts, probably not want to mess with the receipts. now if you look slippery or look like a coke dealer, ok then. but if you go on with business attire, you will be treated with respect, receipts probably not come up. I will bring my receipts, but not planning on taking them out.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: talking about half the banks employees had no clue, but now even maybe the cleaning crew know about it. they been in company line they take it
Bruce: until it shows 100 percent on screen bank employees going to be shocked, jaw going to drop

Mangelo:  Bruce call: the banks are getting up to speed

 Frank is calling for immediate RV, Bruce is saying we are super close

Gizmo’s Mom:  Frank's call believe maliki is being arrested right now
Abadi after Maliki right now support from all the biggies.
Alot of peeps backing Abadi right now
Just a snack from Frank's team right now.
Day by day, hour by hour right now.
Blessing sometime very very soon

PinkRoses:  Dr Shabibi is in control of CBI, just happened or is happening now.

 frank26 intel tonight on cc: Working ahead of the curve; talked last night about 1-2-3; intel is 3 (Dr Shabi is in control of CBI) is happening or happened; have intel that Maliki is being handled now.

Airam:  This RV thing is like filling a balloon with hot air in the moment it is about to burst .......Someone lets the air escape and it goes flat like the soda .....lol...lol...lol......there are so many news ....rumors and intel today that again looks like is going to burst...

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