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Thursday, October 8, 2015


When I first got into this investment I was always thinking that this investment was ready to come to fruition. Then as late as a year and a half ago, when we were told by the CBI, GOI and members of Parliament that it was not time for the “Delete The Zeros Project” I thought that they were crazy. Little did I understand that there was much more to accomplish by the CBI and the GOI. It was as if the pizza had just been put into the oven and we the investors were ready to pull it right out of the oven. Now I can see the importance of what is taking place today and how critical all of this activity is. Whether it is the restructuring of the banking system, or the Anti Money Laundering Law or the taxes and tariffs, all of these initiatives along with many more are like the toppings of a pizza.
I feel very, very confident about the advancement of the monetary reform… it’s amazing how fast things are occurring at the same time. Many changes happening right now…The middle-east is freeing itself of terrorism and corruption. We have a date that we believe that we will see 3 more things – it is the date when Dr. Shabibi will be back at the helm of the CBI calling the shots. The IMF gave Dr. Shabibi the GREEN LIGHT (back in April) and in that time period Dr. Shabibi wanted to do this back in July but there was not enough SECURITY to do it. On September 16th the Finance Committee (of the GOI) came out and said they had passed laws and said that the new 50’s and 100’s would be coming out. They were ready then but the timing wasn’t right. Is the timing better now? MUCH BETTER!
Here is the NEW 1, 2 and 3:
#1 – The LAWS must be put in a public forum…THE GAZETTE to be announced to the world. Until then, the laws will be used behind closed doors.
#2 – in my opinion, I’ve told you that lower denoms are being held on the east-coast of the USA. We need to see the lower denoms MOVE to the middle-east. The banks [in Iraq] have been set-up. First of all it will be an RI inside of Iraq.
#3 – “Lucy, I’m home!” In other words Dr. Shabibi is back at the helm. There will be great SECURITY…no Maliki! Before the end of 2015 I believe that Dr. Shabibi needs to make a move on the IQD.

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