Monday, October 5, 2015


Article quote: “…a formal letter of Abadi Office arrived to al-Maliki, in this regard, asking him to hand over all public property, which is still occupied, to the official concerned authorities in the Government, within 48 hours…” HE WAS ORDERED 48 HOURS…THIS IS CURRENT NEWS OF AN ORDER FROM ABADI — SO WITH TIME CHANGE I WOULD SAY TOMORROW [SUNDAY] OR NEXT MORNING IS HOW LONG HE HAS… THIS IS A FORMAL ORDER THAT WOULD RESULT IN A WARRANT IMO AND BY LAW THAT I HAVE READ.
Article quote: “Rafidain Bank announced its readiness to cover documentary remittance and emerging companies and traders who import goods from outside Iraq.” THIS IS HUGE AND IS THE BEGINNING OF A MARKET ECONOMY — TRADE — DOCUMENTARY REMITTANCE. THIS IS A HUGE STEP TO ACTIVATE THE ECONOMY WHICH GOES WITH THE PRIVATE SECTOR — INVESTORS ETC. THIS IS THE ANNOUNCEMENT THEY ARE READY — NOT PREPARING. VERY GOOD NEWS.

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