Sunday, October 4, 2015


If the Parliament site in Iraq is accurate regarding the reading of laws and their dates respectively, there are 2 TWO readings and a Vote! Not 3 as some try and preach! As far as the AML- it was passed by HOR mid sept – from there stops by COM for final approval on way to POR for ratification, before hitting the press – the official gazette! As of a few days ago, it was stated the need to go back to com for final approval, SO based on current ink, I would say it is NOT in the gazette…
text of the draft of the National Guard, which was approved by the President of the Republic Act based on the provisions of subsection (I) of Article (61) and Forever (Third) of Article (73) of the Constitution. This law was initiated due to security circumstances through which Iraq is due to exposure to terrorist attack…” APPROVED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER…IT MEANS EXECUTIVE POWER WAS USED DUE TO DIRE NEED IN COUNTRY. HOWEVER — THE CONSTITUTIONAL ARTICLES ARE NOT RIGHT BUT — HE DOES HAVE POWER FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY — SO WE WILL SEE WHAT ELSE COMES OUT TO VERIFY THIS REPORT. THINGS ARE MOVING FAST RIGHT NOW — SO OBVIOUSLY IT IS VERY INTERESTING TO SAY THE LEAST.
This is the whole ball game right here … supposedly they did the 2nd reading of the Law of the 3 Presidencies.
As I understand it, that will take care of Maliki. So, they are within a 3rd reading and a vote and once they do Maliki has no immunity, if I understand correctly the way that is laid out.
By the way, the only October 1st deadline was the Anti Money Laundering Law set forth by the World Bank and the IMF and they met that deadline early.
Some say it was published in the gazette…not sure if that is true. There is no other deadline…they did what they were to do. Stop and think, they have never met a deadline before…so for what ever reason that meant something to them.
Also, as soon as Abadi got back from New York he issued new orders and directives. He is walking like he is a man on a mission. That in concert with everything else going on this is very good news.

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