Saturday, October 31, 2015


Iraq was able to excel on Saudi Arabia as the largest oil exporter to India in September for the third time this year, and is being done in the framework of the competition between the two members of the “OPEC” on the Asian markets.
According to the agency, “Russia Today” that “the data for the month of September showed that India imported about 640 thousand barrels per day from Saudi Arabia in the month of September, which represents 17% of its imports after it was about 22% in August, while India bought about 20% of the imports from Iraq in the last month. ”
At a time when shrinking Arabia share in the Indian market increase Iraq’s share in one of the fastest growing markets of the world, and by offering attractive prices.
Senior analyst at “KBC” said consultancy based in London Haq, said that “the Saudi oil selling price The official under fixed-term agreements, while Iraqi oil is sold in the spot market and in the market is enormous and oversupplied usually find that the Iraqi barrels are sold at a discount from the official price.
“He said the right” when Iran back to the market will be a heated battle between Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. ”
Saudi Arabia was lost its status as the largest exporter of crude oil to China last month, as Russia has been replaced as the largest supplier to China for the second time this year, traders attributed to an increase in Saudi Arabia’s official selling price.
Former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki says that parts of his successor’s reform plan to root out massive graft and public spending are ”unconstitutional.”
Maliki, now one of Iraq’s three vice presidents, told reporters on Thursday that parts of the reform plan must be reversed because they are illegal.
He said his lawyers have already reported Abadi to the Federal Court, which will decide on the matter.
In an effort to cut expenditures and graft, last month Abadi announced he would remove some 130 top government officials, including several ministers and general managers.
Iraq’s three vice presidential posts would also be nixed under the reform plan.
“The positions of the vice presidents have not been eliminated and we are still discussing the options, since this is a constitutional question,” said Maliki.
He said that according to the constitution the president should at least have one deputy.
Although largely ceremonial, the post of president is usually given to a Kurd, while the head of the government and speaker of parliament are reserved for the majority Shiites and minority Sunnis respectively.
Prime Minister Abadi leads a consensus government that was formed last December after Maliki was ousted as prime minister in the aftermath of an inconclusive election and an invasion by the Islamic State group ISIS).
The reform plan was announced earlier this year as the national budget reduced by some 25 percent to $105 billion following a decline in global oil prices.
what is the CBI telling the world when it is in the process of using its gold reserves to purchase its currency from the citizens of Iraq? …the CBI owns the IQD…why would they want to buy it back? …unless they have plans to do what? A person buys an under valued stock NOT if he/she believes it will go down in value…instead, you buy it believing it will go up in value. The difference here is that the CBI is the issuer of the stock…the IQD…they CONTROL its value and here they are wanting it back. IMO, we are watching the end of the process to reduce the note count…using gold is the one tactic that will get the rest of it in.

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