Thursday, October 1, 2015


From time to time rumors come up of another CBI website which usually they turn out to be fake or some old site. But today, a website came to my attention that sat idle for years and only this month was updated with a format that appears to be indicating that the CBI is planning international commerce. It is very promising to see this site.
******our great Dr. S [Shabibi]…is finally speaking out on his own…and speaking quite loudly to the fact concerning Maliki’s corruption and theft from within the CBI…Right out from under the noses of the Iraqi people…he stole to line his own pockets and to build mansions and the like for his golden days…well the time is coming that his golden days will be spent in an 8 x 10 “castle” of a room… …why is he now speaking out…SECURITY… of course….he feels like things are coming into place as he wants and he feels much safer to point the finger towards the party who is most guilty…Maliki…watch for more on this in the coming days…Maliki’s days are short…shorter than 91 days I would predict.
The holiday is over now. October 1st is the grand opening of the Islamic Bank. Today this announced that the banks have all of the new high-tech technology. They need to increase the value of the IQD and the banks know it. I believe that we are very close due to what the World Bank’s involvement has been with the state-controlled banks in Iraq. Parliament should meet tomorrow. The Investment Laws has nothing to do with the monetary reform…but over the next two weeks…we have a lot to watch for. Remember, the Qi-Card…the MasterCard…the ATM…all of this leads up to changing the value. Something really, really has to happen before the end of the year but it could happen at any time.

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